Planning To Travel To Srilanka? Here’re The New Guidelines

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Planning To Travel To Srilanka? Here’re The New Guidelines

Sri Lanka has imposed restrictions on the number of passengers per flight arriving in the country. According to a Colombo Page report, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Sri Lanka said, “It has been decided to limit the number of passengers that can arrive from one flight to 75.” The limitation is coming into force from the morning of May 3 and will be in effect for the next 14 days. CAA has stated that the authority will decide on lifting the bans on reviewing the situation after 14 days.

Earlier, the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau came to the decision of reopening the country after a trial run by welcoming 1700 Ukrainian tourists.  After the reopening, tourists visiting Sri Lanka can stay in only 55 designated hotels by showing a mandatory COVID-19 test result. The test should not be older than four days before arrival. Visitors need to undergo two more tests if they stay for up to 7 days and three more tests for stays more than a week. Read on to know more.

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Sri Lanka Reopens With Strict COVID-19 Measures

The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has planned to reopen the country with strict COVID-19 measures. The protocols are as follows:

  • Visitors can stay in only 55 designated properties.
  • It is mandatory for every visitor to show a negative COVID-19 result.
  • COVID-19 tests should not be older than four days before arrival.
  • Visitors staying for up to 7 days need to undergo 2 more tests.
  • Visitors staying for more than a week need to undergo 3 more tests.
  • Tourists need to pay US$12 ( ₹877.01) for medical insurance that will cover medical costs up to USD 50000 ( ₹36,54,200) for coronavirus related cases.

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Travellers From Britain Will Be Prohibited Entry

Officials will accompany the tourists to designated tourist spots. If anyone tests positive and is asymptomatic, that person has to isolate in the hotel room.  Authorities will take symptomatic patients to hospitals. Those who have spent more than two weeks in Britain before planning to enter Sri Lanka will not be allowed to enter the country. It’s most likely that bans will continue on flights from the UK.  Ahead of the reopening, the country has put in place some safety guidelines and precautions. This includes mandatory facemask in flights, when traveling around the country and inside airports. Besides, the Srilankan way of greeting- Ayubowan is being promoted as one of the best ways of greeting, as it involves less contact.

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What Is The Visa Procedure?

Srilanka also scrapped out the visa on arrival policy as well as visa free statuses issued earlier to certain travellers. Starting 1 August, all tourists entering the country must apply for an online tourist visa. The cost of this visa is $100 per person. Visas will be issued for 30 days and will be extendable for unto 6 months, upon arrival. Before booking, travelers must have confirmation of their accommodation.

Information required for visa application

    • Booking details at Certified Accommodation
    • Itinerary in Sri Lanka
    • Return ticket
    • Proof of medical insurance
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