Stand-Up Comedian Calls Idli “Tasteless White Sponge” And Food Lovers Comment To Defend The Dish 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Stand-Up Comedian Calls Idli “Tasteless White Sponge” And Food Lovers Comment To Defend The Dish 

Idli is one of the most loved breakfast dishes not only in south India but across the country. Either dip it in the flavorful sambar or in white chutney, these spongy, cute white pieces will never disappoint you. However, it looks like a Mumbai-based stand-up comedian, Govind Menon, does not like this dish much. He posted a video calling idli a tasteless sponge, and food lovers jumped in the comments to defend the dish. 

Stand Up Comedian Criticises Idli

Mumbai based standup comedian Govind Menon posted a video sharing his opinion on India’s favourite breakfast snack, Idli. The video features him sharing his thoughts and opinions on the dish. While talking about the dish, he said that he feels the dish is simply overrated. He said that it was just a tasteless piece of white sponge without a personality of its own. 

 According to him, it is tasteless until it is dipped in sambar. Govind further mentioned that anything dipped in sambar can taste good, this simply means that the sambar is tasty and not the item dipped in it. Idli tastes like punishment to him. He also compared the dish with actor Ranbir Kapoor and his acting career. 


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Food Lovers To The Rescue

Idli is the saviour snack for many people, be it for breakfast or in the evening. You must have seen many people hop to their nearest ‘anna’ for their morning idli. Well, the video posted by stand up comedian Govind was not well received by food lovers. 

The video posted on his official Instagram account has by far received more than 41K likes and 768K views. The post has also received over 1,000 comments. The comment section is filled with food lovers defending this beloved south Indian dish. Many people did not like the fact that he called it tasteless. 

 One food lover invited the comedian to her house to eat idlis made by her amma, as she thought he was having the wrong ones. Other users asked the comedian not to compare Idli with anything in the world. Idli believes in peaceful co-existence and soaks up all the negativity thrown at it, is what another food lover commented in defence of the popular dish. 

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