Stargazers, Watch Supermoon In All Its Glory In UAE On August 1

by Deeplata Garde
Stargazers, Watch Supermoon In All Its Glory In UAE On August 1

Prepare to see one of the finest events in the UAE, stargazers. Come August, the largest supermoon of the year will be visible in the sky of the UAE and throughout the world. We have suggested a location to visit to spot this lovely star. Here’s more information regarding the upcoming spectacular event.

Supermoon Will Light Up The UAE Skies In August

A supermoon is a full or new moon that closely aligns with a perigee (the closest the Moon gets to the Earth in its elliptic orbit). This results in a slightly larger-than-normal apparent size of the lunar disc as seen from Earth. The moon could seem to be around 7% bigger and 15% brighter than a typical full moon.

Stargazers, it’s the best time to invest in a pair of binoculars or a telescope to watch the three moons that will be illuminating the UAE Skies. A Supermoon, Micro Moon and Blue Moon will all emerge in the night sky. The Supermoon in UAE will be visible on the night of Tuesday, August 1.

On Wednesday, August 16, a New Micromoon will shine in the Dubai night sky. What causes a new Micromoon to form? It occurs when the New Moon is at its farthest distance from Earth. The Micromoon means that the side of the Moon facing the Earth will not be lit by the Sun. This results in which makes it invisible.

The second Full Moon, a Blue Moon, will occur on Thursday, August 31.

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Where To Watch This Super Moon In UAE?

Well, look up to the sky! But if you want to catch a glimpse of this supermoon in UAE then you should surely visit the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center at Mushrif Park. The astronomy organisation is organising an event from 7 pm to 9 pm where you can learn about the supermoon phenomena and get all of your burning questions answered by specialists. This will be followed by a telescopic observation of the moon’s rise. You’ll also learn how to take excellent photos of the moon using your phone. Follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  1. A soft copy of the event is mandatory to show at the event.
  2. The parking tickets at the centre will be AED10
  3. Nol cards will be available at the gates for purchase to pay the entrance fee of Mushrif Park
  4. No pets are allowed on the premises
  5. Carry your Emirates ID
  6. DAG Paid members should carry their membership cards to enter the venue for free
  7. Kids under 5 years can enter for free
  8. Kids under 13 would need a parent or guardian to enter the premises

Tickets: AED 60 For Adults, AED 40 For Children Under 13

So keep these rules in mind if you plan on visiting the centre to spot the Supermoon in UAE.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva Stock Images