Starting At ₹59, Mumbaikars Opt for These Super Saver Plans By BEST Instead Of Buying Ticket Daily

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Starting At ₹59, Mumbaikars Opt for These Super Saver Plans By BEST Instead Of Buying Ticket Daily

Are you someone who commutes by BEST bus daily? Do you buy tickets everyday? Here is something that will save you money. The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) on Wednesday announced the introduction of Super Saver plans. The plans start at just ₹59 and can help you save a lot of money. Want to know more about it? Keep  reading. 

BEST Introduces Super Saver Plans

.BEST has introduced Super Saver plans with the aim of providing all commuters with more options and flexibility when it comes to buying a ticket. Commuters can save 20-34 percent on new plans when compared to buying a ticket every day. People can purchase these plans using the BEST Chalo Card and BEST Chalo App.

The plans are now available on the Chalo app, and commuters can purchase them on their Chalo cards starting on December 3. The new plans have been introduced to encourage more Mumbaikars to opt for the convenience of digital tickets. Commuters can experience a hassle-free travel experience with every digital trip.

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These Are The New Plans

The plan structure is super easy and offers choices to the commuters based on their travel frequency. 

  • Commuters who use the bus service daily, can opt for options under 1 and 4 week plans.
  • People who travel only for a day or two can opt for opinions under daily plans.
  • The ones who travel occasionally can opt for options under fully flexible plans. 

To avail the plans, all you have to do is download the BEST Chalo application and select new plans under the “Bus Pass” section. Choose your plan, fill in the details, and pay through any digital option. Make sure to tap on “Start your trip” as soon as you board the train. To validate, tap your phone on the machine. You will receive a digital receipt on your app after validation.

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When are you opting for these amazing plans?

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