Delhi Commuters, Soon There Will Be A Hike In Auto And Cab Fares

by Vinita Jain
Delhi Commuters, Soon There Will Be A Hike In Auto And Cab Fares

Now, travelling in auto-rickshaws and taxis in Delhi is going to be increasingly expensive. Yes, on the recommendations of the fare review board, the Delhi government approved the appeal of revising the auto and cab fares. And, now the base fares for air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned taxis have increased sharply. The prices per kilometre rose by nearly 25%, while auto-rickshaw base prices rose by 20%.

Check Out The Increase In Delhi Auto And Cab Fares

Delhi Auto Cab Fares
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Under the amendment, the metered (minimum) fare for Delhi auto and cab fares will be ₹30 for the first 1.5 km instead of ₹25. After that, each kilometre of the journey will cost ₹11 instead of ₹9.50. Likewise, the metered fare for first-mile AC and non-AC taxis is increased from ₹25 to ₹40. For non-AC taxis, each kilometre of the trip will cost ₹17 instead of ₹14. And the fare for AC taxis increased from ₹16 to ₹20 per kilometre. This equates to an increase of about 37% in a hike in auto and cab fares.

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The overnight fees for cars and taxis remain the same. But the Government has also approved an increase in additional baggage fees for cars (from ₹7.5 to ₹10) and taxis (from ₹10 to ₹15).

Also, Delhi commuters, pay attention that the Ola and Uber Cabs do not fall under the category of taxis. So, certainly, this is going to benefit them as this scheme is not applicable to them.

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Why The Delhi Government Increased The Fares?

Delhi Auto Cab Fares
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In particular, the Delhi government has approved fare increases for auto-rickshaws and taxis amid rising CNG prices in the capital. CNG is currently sold in Delhi at ₹78.61 per kg.

A wage increase is a long-standing request from the city’s Auto and Taxi Union. According to reports, the last revision of auto fares was done in 2020 and the fares for taxis were done in  2013.

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Source: Hindustan Times

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons