Stay Above The Clouds In This Glass House In The Mountains Of Kodaikanal

by Sushmita Mahanta
Stay Above The Clouds In This Glass House In The Mountains Of Kodaikanal

Exploring the mountains of Kodaikanal is a great way to enjoy the monsoons. To add to that, imagine staying at a glass house and waking up amidst the clouds! A perfect combo, we say. And you will witness all of this at The Glass House by High Altitude in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. The property offers the most scenic views of the Princess of hills and its cloud-covered mountains and roaring waterfalls. Located in Pillaiyar methu, paraipatti, Kodaikanal, this glass stay is deemed as one of the best in Kodaikanal. So if you are craving to know more about the glass property that sits above the clouds in Kodaikanal, read on!

The Glass House

The Glass House is one of the most sought-after stays provided by High Altitude in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. It sits beautifully amidst the clouds in Pillaiyar methu, Paraipatti, and is frequented by numerous tourists who visit the hill station. The whole property is glass ornamentation, so consider waking up to scintillating views of the Palani Hills throughout your stay. The Glass House is not just offering you a great escape to nature. It is also equipped with all the necessary facilities to make sure you have a comfortable stay. From good hygiene to free parking inside the premises, and free Wi-Fi, you have it all. And not to forget their native and exquisite cuisines. Trust us, they offer you the best culinary delight in the mountains. So now you know which stay to book, the next time you visit Kodaikanal.

the glass house

How To Reach And Where To Book

Apart from being a great stay to explore the hill station, The Glass House in Kodaikanal is also easily accessible to tourists. Madurai International Airport, the nearest to Kodaikanal, is just 120 km away from the hill station. Once you reach, you can easily avail bus or taxi services to reach Kodaikanal. And if you feel a little more adventurous, you can always opt for a long drive to Kodaikanal. Once you reach the hill station, a half an hour drive will take you to The Glass Place.

To book this beautiful stay amidst the clouds and mountains of Kodaikanal, visit the High Altitude website right away!


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