Stay & Soak In Artistic Vibes As India Hosts Its First Hotel Art Fair, Artix

by Tejashee Kashyap
Stay & Soak In Artistic Vibes As India Hosts Its First Hotel Art Fair, Artix

Hotel art fairs have become increasingly popular in recent years, combining the worlds of hospitality and art to create unique and engaging experiences for both guests and art enthusiasts. In recent years, they have expanded to become city-wide events.  A first-of-a-kind, Artix will be India’s first Pan-India Hotel Art Fair to bring the worlds of art, fashion and luxury together.

What Is Artix?

Hotel Art Fair
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Artix is the name of this new hotel art exhibition. This will be curated by the efforts of renowned houses of Jahan Luxury and Arushi Arts. The first edition will happen between the 25th to 27th of August 2023 at the Taj Palace, New Delhi. The art fair will focus on textiles, tribal arts and artisans prevailing in India with some proceeds going to charity.

Even the rooms and floors of the Taj Palace Hotel will be converted as private preview spaces of art.  A pathbreaking and archetypal pan India hotel art fair, this is curated by Payal Kapoor, Malvika Poddar, and Timsy Anand. This collaborative approach fosters partnerships between hotels, artists, and local arts organisations, resulting in a dynamic and interconnected art community.

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How Do Hotel Art Fairs Help?

Hotel Art Fair
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Art can create a sense of beauty, intrigue, and inspiration, transforming a hotel into a visually captivating environment. The presence of art also fosters a unique identity for the hotel.

From an artist’s perspective, hotel art fairs offer an opportunity to reach a wider audience. They can showcase their work in a non-traditional setting. Participating artists can benefit from exposure to diverse demographics, potentially leading to more networking opportunities. The relaxed and social atmosphere of hotel art fairs also facilitates direct interaction between artists and viewers. This, in turn, allows for deeper conversations and insights into the creative process.

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Hotel art fairs offer a compelling fusion of hospitality and art, creating immersive and inclusive experiences for both artists and viewers. These events provide hotels with a means to differentiate themselves and enhance their overall guest experience. While artists gain exposure to a diverse audience and potential opportunities for their work.

As this trend continues to grow, hotel art fairs are likely to play an increasingly important role in the art world, fostering creativity, collaboration, and cultural enrichment.

Will you be attending Artix?

When: 26th – 27th August 2023 (Special preview on the 25th)
Where: Taj Palace, New Delhi

Cover image credits: Canva