South Asia’s 1st Metro Museum Is Open In Delhi. Here’s All You Need To Know

delhi metro museum
by Shreya Rathod

We have visited several railway museums in India that have a collection of the oldest rail models and their information. So, why not a Metro Museum? Well, the wait’s over! South Asia’s first Metro Museum is open to the public in Delhi’s Patel Chowk. And it has a lot to offer! Here’s everything you need to know about the Delhi Metro Museum.

Delhi Metro Museum Is Open To The Public!

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has established South Asia’s first “Metro Museum” in New Delhi. It is modelled after the Transport Museum in London. And it houses a variety of panels, accomplishments, useful information, historic photographs, and assorted exhibits on the grounds of the Patel Chowk Metro station. Visitors can learn more about the first modern rail-based public transit system in India at the metro museum.

A statue of a little girl in a uniform standing at the museum’s entry and saying, “Namaste,” with her hands folded. The museum keeps handmade replicas of the metro train enclosed in a glass tube. If you look in from the windows, you can see how precisely the seats have been carved. It is constructed with such precision.

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There is also a model of the tunnel-boring machine that is used to bore tunnels beneath the ground in order to lay the metro rails, as well as audio recordings.

What To See At The Museum?

delhi metro museum

Credits: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation/ Twitter

The museum also contains a unified lighted metro map showing all the metro lines and accolades the metro has won for its cutting-edge technology, design, and environmental friendliness. Additionally, it offers an extensive collection of uncommon images of famous people and others who have used the Delhi metro.

To top it all off, two touch screens play short videos from the DMRC corporate movie that eloquently describe the construction and architecture of metro. Also, the gift shop within the museum sells a variety of items, including key chains and metro models.

The Museum operated six days a week from six in the morning until eleven in the evening. One can simply arrive using any mode of transportation.

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When are you visiting the museum?

Cover Image Courtesy: NCGG, Govt. of India/ Twitter