Delhi Metro Introduces QR-Based Paper Tickets And Here’s All You Need To Know About Them

by Tooba Shaikh
Delhi Metro Introduces QR-Based Paper Tickets And Here’s All You Need To Know About Them

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation or the DMRC is all set to introduce a new way of ticketing. Earlier, tokens were used as tickets to allow passengers on and off the metro station. However, the DMRC is ditching the old token system and is now implementing new paper tickets with QR codes on them. It is hoped that this new system will definitely increase efficiency and decrease the need for human intervention.

Delhi Metro QR Tickets: What You Must Keep In Mind

Delhi metro
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  • Passengers can only enter the station from where the QR Tickets are being issued.
  • Entering the station from any other area is not allowed.
  • The passenger needs to commence their journey within one hour of the ticket purchase failing which, their ticket will be rendered invalid.
  • A passenger can avail of a refund but only in certain cases. In situations where the ticket has been rendered invalid, a refund will not be provided.
  • DMRC is also trying to introduce mobile-based QR tickets in order to save paper and make the process even more convenient for passengers.

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Important Change In The New System

Delhi metro
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons
  • The new ticketing system will allow the passengers to only travel to the station to which they have bought a ticket. They will be unable to get off at any other station except the one that they got the ticket to.
  • This means if a passenger gets off at one station prior to or after the station to which they bought the ticket, then the Automatic Fare Collection or the AFC gates will not open.
  • In the cases that they get off prior to the destination station, they will have to surrender their ticket to the customer care operator present at the station who will then issue a free exit ticket.
  • In the cases where the passenger gets off after their destination station, then they have to pay the difference in the prices between the two stations to the customer care operator.
  • The customer care operator will then retain the passenger’s original ticket and issue an exit ticket to the passenger.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons