Stepped Out Wearing Casuals? 7 Dubai Restaurants That Will Welcome You Anytime!

by Deeplata Garde
Stepped Out Wearing Casuals? 7 Dubai Restaurants That Will Welcome You Anytime!

Ever thought of walking out in flip-flops and shorts to have a quick takeout but changed the plan? Yes, we have been there! And the agony of restaurants not accepting us in their so labelled ‘casual’ attire is endless. So what’s the way out then? Well, there are some places fortunately that accept you with all their might and offer you a meal without having the condition of fancy or formal clothes. So here we are curating a quick list to have a glance at 7 Dubai restaurants that accept casual clothing.

7 Dubai Restaurants That Welcome You In Flip Flops & Casual Clothes!

1. Couqley French Brasserie


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Aah! We love Brasserie’s and are always looking for one in our favourite Emirates. The hint of Paris in Dubai never harmed anyone we say! Couqley was created primarily to provide a top-notch eating experience with delectable food and reasonably priced beverages. It’s a good idea to find a high-end, casual restaurant where you can enjoy the greatest French food and take in the ambience.

2. Goose Island Tap House

Hops, Sports Screening and Cheer in the air. Yes, you have arrived at the right destination, The Goose Island Tap House. The flow of beer and sharing platters and the sound of people supporting their favourite team would be found at this place majorly. The brewery is always ready to welcome you with warm service and lots of craft sips!

3. Café Isan

Did anyone call for street food? Well, Thai street food served in a restaurant is the best thing to try in the Emirates. Well if you are always game for food trips on a budget then Cafe Isan should be on your list. The plastic chairs, the colourful food on white plates and the wholesome meal quantity will surely teleport you to the streets of Thailand.

4. Al Beiruti

Lebanese cuisine can never go out of style as per us. And Al Beiruti is an amalgamation of Middle Eastern flavours reflected on one menu. So if you plan to spend your lunch or dinner relishing the authentic taste of UAE & Middle East then Al Beiruti should be the perfect go-to place.

5. Kinoya


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We know Japanese food is fancy-looking for example Ramen. But we don’t want to dress fancy to eat it. So Kinoya found us a table with no bounds. Are you hungry? They serve your favourite food, it’s that simple! Relish the town’s best Ramen at Kinoya with the warmth of Izakaya dining. For the novice reading this, Izakaya means a place where you can chill out post-work for some snacks and beverages.

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6. Mythos Kouzina & Grill


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Greek-looking spots are usually a bit high-rated when it comes to making an entrance. The minimal aesthetics clashes with casual wear maybe! But Mythos think otherwise. They offer food to any love of Mediterranean cuisine. Serving you the best and authentic Mediterranean flavours is their ultimate goal. So better make up a quick plan to grace the restaurant with your presence.

7. SEVA Table

Looking for a guilt-free experience? SEVA Table in Dubai is offering a place that will provide you with Plant-based, gluten-free and sugar-free food to relish. We can’t stop bragging about this restaurant’s atmosphere and food because it’s earthy, rustic, and one of the greatest vegan restaurants in Dubai. And the best news of all? They don’t demand a uniform to enter. So wear your flip-flops and enter the venue without worry.

We hope we suggested spots that could be visited in a while! Hope to catch you at one of these.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Hampstead Bakery & Cafe