Still Don’t Know What To Serve On Diwali Night? Here’s A Guide To A Full-Course Dinner Menu

by Ankita Mazumdar
Still Don’t Know What To Serve On Diwali Night? Here’s A Guide To A Full-Course Dinner Menu

Diwali is right around the corner and you still have to decide what you will be serving your guests. Worry not, we have planned a proper Diwali dinner meal which will make you sorted for dinner plans. With this perfect Diwali dinner menu for dinner, you will enjoy distinct tastes. Your tastebuds will have a dance party inside your mouth while you will stuff yourself after tiring yourself out. Now you have to sort out the rest of the decorations, booze, games, and music plans. 

A Guide To A Full-Course Diwali Dinner Menu

Here is a scrumptious Diwali dinner menu for a dinner meal that will satisfy your guests and make you the star of your Diwali party. 

  • Drinks:

1. Mint Lassi

Starting this Diwali dinner menu with the simplest non-alcoholic beverage, Mint Lassi. It is healthy, extremely refreshing and a great start to the meal. It is prepared with ingredients already available at home like curd, cumin seeds, mint leaves, and salt. Adding mint leaves to your desi lassi can give a kick to it and make you drink every little drop of it.

2. Jamun Bramble Cocktail

We are not going to go out of Indian taste and cuisine. We Indians are enough creative to inculcate jamun with alcohol and call it jamun cocktail or give it a fancy name as Jamuntini. Jamun or Java Plum is a popular fruit grown in India; it is sweet and juicy with a distinct aftertaste. It becomes lip-smacking good when paired with vodka!

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  • Appetizers

3. Seekh Kebabs

If you can make juicy and gobble-worthy seekh kebabs, what more can impress your friends and family? It is a go-to starter that every non-vegetarian loves to relish with the typical green chutney and sliced onions. These yummy and juicy chicken or mutton seekh kebabs are to die for!

4. Dahi Kebabs 

This dish is the vegetarian equivalent to Seekh Kebabs as this is the most adored snack by vegetarians. The flavours of garlic, ginger, cumin, chilli mixed with hung curd just burst into your mouth, the second you take a bite. Dahi kebabs melt into your mouth and the pure satisfaction of eating it is all worth it.

  • Main Course

5. Chicken Dum Biryani

Diwali menu can never go wrong with this one. Chicken dum biryani is full-filling and is apt for when you have a bunch of people over. Pair it with raita and if you are feeling fancy then go for pineapple raita. Trust us with it and this pairing will be a hit combination at your party. Fingerlicking good!

6. Veg Korean Fried Rice

Kimchi is a hit with everyone since the influence of Korea has taken over with its unique food, culture and not to mention TV shows and music bands. This is a popular street food in Korea and instead of just serving pulao, you could do this spicy twist to your rise. You have to get your hands on Gochujang but if you can’t then you can find the preparation in the video.

  • Dessert

7. Ras Malai

Nothing can beat a good Ras Malai as the sweet dish is always welcome! This extremely cushy dessert is perfect to end this Diwali menu. It is light and airy which contributes to people taking second servings of ras malai. Honestly, it is just milk and malai topped with chopped pista and almonds but it is an absolute winner!

This amazing Diwali dinner menu will make your festival extra special as you have made it with much love and care for your dear ones. This Diwali will be a memorable one.

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Lastly, this Diwali remember to be a hot pataka and not burst one!

Cover Image Credits: Canva

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