Stonehouse Villa Near Mumbai

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
by Yashasvi Shaktawat 1671

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Located in Nashik, the Beze Anantha Stone House is the perfect getaway to spend your Christmas at with your loved ones.

What Is It?

This Christmas gather your friends and head to the Beze Anantha Stone House in Nashik where you can spend your days chilling by the lake or playing with your dogs. The Villa is an absolute retreat that is pet-friendly and offers a countryside experience.

What’s In It?

The property features 2 bedrooms made entirely out of stones and includes breakfast as well. The rooms have minimalistic interiors surrounded by lush greenery. It can accommodate a group of up to 8-10 people.

You can get food prepared by the cook who is always available on call, you can indulge in Poha and Methi Paratha for breakfast or dal-rice and Biryani for the main course.

Plan your winter holiday and head to this stone house for a countryside like vacation.


Address: Beze Shivar, Trimbakeshwar Road, Beze, Nashik, Maharashtra
Cost: ₹12,000 per night
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