Street Vendor Gives Anda Bhurji A Beer-y Twist! Wow Or Eww?

by Sanjana Shenoy
Street Vendor Gives Anda Bhurji A Beer-y Twist! Wow Or Eww?

What goes into making a great anda bhurji? Eggs (of course!), sliced onions, tomatoes, chilies, maybe other veggies and masalas. Right? Well, one street vendor in India decided to give it a boozy twist. And how! He had the audacity (yes, we are stunned) to add beer to it. Now is this beer-y twist, a hit or a miss? Well, read on to find out.

Anda Bhurji Made With Beer Leaves Netizens Disgusted

In a video posted by RJ Rohan on his handle @radiokarohan, foodies get a glimpse of what a disastrous egg bhurji actually looks like. The video shows a street food vendor first cracking eggs in a tumbler. Next, he adds veggies like sliced onions, tomatoes and green chillies. He whisks the mixture. Till now, it looks like a regular anda bhurji dish. But lo and behold! A bottle of Bira beer gets added to a hot tawa. Wait, wut?

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Street Vendor Adds Bira Beer Into Eggs

He spreads beer across the pan and lets the anda bhurji cook in it on the tawa. Apart from beer, he drizzles oil and scrambles the egg. Finally, the anda bhurji is emptied into a paper bowl and sprinkled with masalas. RJ Rohan jokes that this is a dish that may leave people squeamish with just a glimpse. Netizens rightly took to the comments section to flood it with puke emojis. One even called criticised the dish for unnecessary food wastage.

While none of us had the good privilege of tasting it, what do you think? Is this dish a wow or eww? Let us know in the comments section below.

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