Street Vendor Sells Manchurian Samosa Chaat For ₹20; Netizens Say, “It Looks Like Tomato Rasam”

A desi vendor is seen preparing a fusion dish, Manchurian Samosa Chaat in a viral video.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Street Vendor Sells Manchurian Samosa Chaat For ₹20; Netizens Say, “It Looks Like Tomato Rasam”

Can the Indo-Chinese dish “Manchurian” and everyone’s favourite Samosa ever come together to form a delish snack? You might say no, but the Internet says, why not?! A video on X ( formerly Twitter) shows a street vendor preparing Manchurian Samosa Chaat and selling it for just ₹20. So, do Netizens want to try it or would they rather have these dishes separately?

Video Of Manchurian Samosa Chaat Priced At ₹20 Takes Over Internet

X user, Ankush Sharma, shared a video of a street vendor preparing Manchurian Samosa Chaat from scratch. In the video, the vendor promises that this dish isn’t found anywhere else but at this stall. First, he crushes a samosa, flat, on a steel plate. Then, he pours red, fiery, veg manchurian balls and manchurian sauce over the crushed samosa. Next, the vendor adds a dollop of tamarind chutney and pudine ki chutney over it. He finishes it off with sliced raw onions. This Manchurian Samosa Chaat is priced at just ₹20.

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Some Netizens Want To Try It Others Are Sceptical

We aren’t going to lie, the dish does look intriguing. And you never know, it might just hit the right spot. But trust Netizens to have mixed reactions on the same. Many even have sarcastic and hilarious opinions on the same. @BillooTweets is thankful that this dish at least doesn’t have cheese. A dig at most street food fusions being overloaded with cheese. @DrAnokheSaxena says, “Bhai isse better aap zeher hi dedo mujhe”.

@KuuSingh says, “Swaad lag raha hai”. @yepkaafirhere says the manchurian sauce looks more like tomato rasam. @kunal_tarkar says that the manchurian sauce resembles sambar. The X user goes on to recommend samosa sambar which one can find in his school canteen. Political commentator, Abhijit Iyer Mitra says, it looks good. And they wouldn’t mind eating it. Similarly, @spides99 also stated that they wouldn’t mind trying it too. @ChocolateGinTin hilariously called it “bumper fusion” ever since Chinese Bhel hit the food market.

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Foodies, do let us know if you’d ever opt for this unique Manchurian Samosa Chaat?

Cover Image Courtesy:@Ankush28Sharma/ X

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