Study Reveals Dubai Has Twice As Many Men Than Women

by Saniya
Study Reveals Dubai Has Twice As Many Men Than Women

Dubai’s latest study has some interesting data to reveal. Ever wondered why the ladies enjoy more ladies nights at Sheesha parlors? Or why you spot so many men around you across the Dubai city? Well, that’s because out of Dubai’s total population of 3,232,000 people, men make 2,256,000 of it. Consequently, this means there are only 976,000 women.


To get a clearer picture of the Dubai emirate’s demographics, there are 2.3 men for every woman in the city. However, this is a marked improvement from the year 2009. Back then, the population of Dubai was 1,770,000, and there were 3.4 males for every 1 female. So it’s heartening to know that the gender skew has been balancing out with the 80% population growth in the last ten years.

Rest assured, the population of the city has been growing. So you have more people than ever in Dubai to socialize with. The city’s population has increased by 1.2 percent from last year alone. Moreover, the emirate has seen 4,750,000 visitors to already. After all, the city is a favorite amongst its visitors!

This data was collected by the Dubai Statistics Centre, calculating both the expats and locals in the country.

Population Trends In Dubai

Talking of population in the emirate, here’s another statistics nugget. Did you know by the year 2027, the UAE’s population is expected to jump to 5 million people as per a report from 2018. What makes this number fascinating is that this population jump has been a remarkable growth in the last 40 years alone. Yes. The population of the emirate has grown by a whopping 1000 percent. This is a noteworthy indication of the growth of the city of Dubai. It’s also an indicator of how the expatriate community loves it.

Read more figures and statistics about the city here.

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