Sunil Chhetri Used To Steal Carrots, Radishes And Mangoes From People’s Farms As A Kid

Sunil Chhetri used to wash the stolen veggies, put some salt and eat them on the ground.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sunil Chhetri Used To Steal Carrots, Radishes And Mangoes From People’s Farms As A Kid

For this thrilling Sunday Brunch episode, the captain of the Indian football team, Sunil Chhetri, joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. You have Messi or Ronaldo, we have Chhetri! We were extremely delighted to have him on this show! He was a naughty child because we found out that he used to steal veggies from other people’s farms during his childhood. Let’s find out how and why.

As A Kid Sunil Chhetri Stole Carrots, Radishes And Mangoes From Farms

We weren’t gonna miss out on the chance to play a fun ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Sunil Chhetri. This segment was a fun-filled one because we got to uncover a lot of his mischievous childhood stories. Mind you, he said this himself and we are quoting, “I wasn’t an easy kid, Kamiya” and then requested the kids to not watch this segment at all. 

Sunil Chhetri shared that he has done “borderline bad things” and Kamiya was curious to know what mishaps were done during his childhood. So she asked him about it and he went on to share a lot of them. One such incident was that he had a friend who was well aware of the period in which the carrots and radishes would ripen.

He told us that they would go to farms and steal carrots and radishes. People would chase them and they would go to the grounds, wash them, bring a small amount of salt, and eat those fresh veggies just like that.

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He added he even stole mangoes regularly. He also laughed and said that he wasn’t sure what was the thrill that came from doing this activity. We know he absolutely enjoyed those juicy and plump vegetables and fruits. But he also warned kids with a smile plastered on his face, not to do this. 

These Are The Places Recommended By Him For Bangaloreans

Sunil Chhetri
Image Credits: Internal

Sunil Chhetri recommended Airlines, a South Indian restaurant their great filter coffee, dosas and idlis. He introduced us to Shiro for delicious sushi and hibachi rice. Lastly, he suggested The Royal Afghan by ITC for some great tandooris and portion sizes. Looks like he covered various kinds of cuisines and gave us his ultimate favourite spots. You might run into him next time you visit these places. 

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Comment down below if you used to steal veggies from people’s farms and would chase you down the road. Did you ever get caught?

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