This Weekend, Watch The Sunrise At Raj Bhavan for Just Rs 25

by Natasha Monteiro
This Weekend, Watch The Sunrise At Raj Bhavan for Just Rs 25

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Head over to the Governor’s house at Raj Bhavan and watch the sun rise over Mumbai from a location seeped in history.

What is it?

Stand still. Close your eyes and listen to the waves slap against the rocks, breathe in the salty air and soak in some Vitamin D as you watch a spectacular sunrise in a place seeped with history. Head over to Raj Bhavan at Malabar Hill for a beautiful tour through the Governor’s home, a quiet conversation around the Maharashtra-Gujarat partition and a journey that ends in a spectacular sunrise.

The one hour tour through this heavily guarded fortress begins at 6am where an individual from the Governor’s staff acts as a guide. As he takes you through the beautiful house, you can’t help but feel the history of the place seep into you.

Breathe in the Salty Air As You See The Sun Rise Over Mumbai
Breathe in the Salty Air As You See The Sun Rise Over Mumbai

Raj Bhavan, formerly known as the Government House, is spread across 47 acres of land. It has been home to the British Governors since 1885. Prior to that, it served as their Summer Residence.  Raj Bhavan is categorized as Grade I Heritage Precinct.

The Tour

Rediscover history through the guided tour. Walk past the exact point where the Maharashtra-Gujarat border was drawn up and relive the days of yonder. As you walk through Raj Bhavan, you even get a chance to see the spot where the new Chatrapati Shivaji statue will be erected. Most of the building is filled with British architecture and chandeliers from yesteryear. The sun-kissed paths lead to artistically designed buildings which host delegates and then some.

The beautiful lawns spewed across the property are a sight to behold. Raj Bhavan has a dedicated forest area. The property is home to about 12 beautiful peacocks and a variety of flora and fauna.

The Sunrise Point Yoga Gallery, located at the Southern tip of Mumbai on the Malabar Point, marks the end of the tour. As you reach the edge of the gallery, it’s like witnessing Mumbai for the very time. The view is absolutely breath-taking and as the first rays of the sun pierce the darkness, you can’t help but gasp at the impressiveness of it all.

Home of the peacocks Raj Bhavan
Image Courtesy Business Standard


The Devi Mandir is another must-visit spot. Walk past the Heritage Buildings of Raj Bhavan to get there. People call the Goddess as Sagar Mata, Sakalai Devi, Sri Gundi and by other names. Not many know of the Jatra (fair) – held in honour of the Goddess in the month of July / August.

The tour ends with chai served in a beautiful white cup with Indian emblem on it. If you’re lucky, the Governor and his wife even join you for chai.

How do I get there?

To watch the sunrise at Raj Bhavan, you have to fill this online form and specify how many people you wish to bring along. The Governor reserves the right to decide who accesses the property. The cost for visiting Raj Bhavan is just INR 25 and the experience – priceless.

The Raj Bhavan in Mumbai is the ‘Queen’ among the Raj Bhavans in India. What’s unique about the Raj Bhavan is that you can see both the sunrise and the sunset from the property.


Sunrise from Raj Bhavan Over The Mumbai Skyline
Sunrise from Raj Bhavan Over The Mumbai Skyline

Other details:

  • Carry a valid government id proof with you when you enter Raj Bhavan
  • You have to reach at 6 am sharp
  • You have to leave the property by 8.30 am
  • Entry is at the discretion of the Governor
  • Do not carry DSLRs and cameras. You can carry cell phones and use them for taking pictures.
  • Entry is allowed from Tuesday through Sunday. No entry on government holidays

The combination of trivia, the spectacular views and the parrot calls makes your trip to Raj Bhavan one to remember.


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