Surge Price Drop With Cabs To Be Delayed Further In Mumbai City

by Kritika Kukreja
Surge Price Drop With Cabs To Be Delayed Further In Mumbai City

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City travellers have to wait a while more for the drop in surge pricing of app based taxis and autos as the Khatua Committee has to give fresh feedback on the project. 

What Is It?

Bad news for the Mumbaikars as the surge pricing on app based taxis and cabs will take a while more to be solved. During the monsoons, we face high demand and higher prices for booking cabs, but still no relief! Last year, the Khatua committee submitted the proposal to cut down on surge pricing in the interest of people, but no response has been shown as yet. 

The Khatua Panel is working with the transport committee to bring down the surge pricing of app based taxis and autos, but its taking longer than expected. They have a presented a proposal in front of the transport committee that will help bring down the prices with increased distances and it also introduces happy hours for flat rates on certain distances. 

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What Do We Know? 

The proposal was presented in October 2017, but the final decision is still pending from the committee. Although, the recommendations are being opposed by cab companies, but the approximate fare structure has been laid down already. The commuters will also be eligible for ‘happy hours’, that will give either flat rates or a 15-20% discount on fares. 

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