Survey Reveals 91% Of Indian LGBTQ+ Travellers Feel At Ease With Travel Inclusivity!

by Shreya Rathod
Survey Reveals 91% Of Indian LGBTQ+ Travellers Feel At Ease With Travel Inclusivity!

We love travelling and exploring unknown places. However, it is important to feel inclusive and at ease while travelling. A study done by a website survey revealed important data about LGBTQ+ travellers. The site is an online travel agency that helps travellers compare prices and make informed decisions.

Survey Reveals Indian LGBTQ+ Travellers Feel At Ease!

travel survey lgbtq indian travellers
Credits: Canva’s most comprehensive LGBTQ+ travel research to date highlights the consistent progress, as well as the recent setbacks, for these communities when it comes to travel. The aim was to make it easy for everyone to see the globe, regardless of how they identify. Attempts to remove obstacles and prioritise safety have been hampered by divisive political decisions made in the past year. This happened despite the tourism industry’s growing appreciation of the breadth and variety of LGBTQ+ experiences.

The survey, which is now in its third year, found that 91% of Indian LGBTQ+ visitors say they must take their safety and well-being into account while picking a destination. Travellers who identify as intersex (90%), genderfluid (90%), transfeminine (89%), and transmasculine (87%) have a higher likelihood of having this fear.

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According to the report, tales about large international sporting and musical events, celebrity and corporate sponsorships, and mainstream news have all helped bring discriminatory legislation and opinions into the public light for many people, influencing their travel choices. Nearly 78% of respondents from India said news reports concerning prejudice, violence, and attitudes towards LGBTQ+ individuals have had a substantial impact on their choice of destinations.

People Still Cancel Their Travel Plans

travel survey lgbtq indian travellers
Credits: Canva

The LGBTQ+ population has yet to know about ‘travel has no bounds’. There are still 64 countries that have laws against same-sex relationships, with 11 of those countries carrying the death sentence. In India, a resounding 80% of respondents claimed that these places are completely off their radar. Travellers who identify as LGBTQ+ in India are on guard even after making travel plans. When preparing for a cruise, this backward strategy raises concerns about the community’s safety.

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The ubiquitous discrimination LGBTQ+ people experience throughout the entire trip is the second significant problem that causes discomfort and worry for them while they are travelling.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva