A Survey Reveals That Millenials Would Rather Prefer Travel Over Sex

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A Survey Reveals That Millenials Would Rather Prefer Travel Over Sex

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According to a survey by Contiki, a travel company, millennials would voluntarily put anything on a back burner if given an option to travel. Even sex.

What Is It ?

So it turns out that most of us would prefer wanderlust over any other kind of lust ( if you know what I mean). We aren’t saying this. The new Contiki survey proclaims this. The leading social travel company for travelers in the 18 to 35 age bracket says a majority of millennials would willingly  give up sex for travel. This revelation comes after surveying 1,500 millennials across the U.S. claiming that 57 percent of people from this generation would rather get on a plane than be anywhere else. It seems like there must be something about travel that makes giving up some guilty pleasures unregrettable. Lets get down to what could those things be about traveling that makes it the most desirable thing to do.


What’s In It

So, why are millennials ready to give up anything to travel? It turns out what people love most about traveling is the inevitable journey of rediscovering yourself. When you set out to travel you  tune off and detach yourself from the everyday routine and obligations. And this happens with least effort and subconsciously as you set out on your voyage. And that’s exactly why it’s worth forgetting your phone or ditch an intimate moment in bed.

Yes, with traveling comes baggage , quite literally but we also mean the baggage of having to wait in long queues at the airport and the struggle of adapting to a new place. But,  all of this fizzles out when the opportunity to get closer to yourself appears, offering a promise to find an entirely new perspective of the world . Imagine driving in the car in the middle of nowhere with new people you bonded with during your trip , making memories and getting to experience great food, culture and people which until you travel only existed in your mind.  Travel is not just an activity, it becomes an experience etched in your mind for lifetime. And it is so special not just because of the place but the distinct memories you associate that particular place with. And just like that it seems alright to let go of wildly pleasures for that one thing that sparks your soul. So here’s a question for you.. What would you rather do?