Sustainable Food Like Fruits & Nuts May Help You Live Longer Says Study; Deets Inside

by Tooba Shaikh
Sustainable Food Like Fruits & Nuts May Help You Live Longer Says Study; Deets Inside

We’re all trying to eat as healthily as possible. There’s no dearth of diet plans that claim to make you the healthiest and fittest. Recent research has revealed a host of data that gives insight into the kind of food that helps humans live longer and healthier lives. Surprisingly, research shows that the kind of sustainable food that is beneficial to the environment is also beneficial for humans as it helps you live a longer life.

Sustainable Food Helps You Love Longer, Says Study

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According to new research, food items that are sustainable, also help you live longer. The research found that people who eat food items that are sustainable are 25 per cent less likely to die than those people who did not consume such food.

Food items such as fruits, nuts, non-starchy vegetables, unsaturated oils, and whole grains are extremely beneficial and help you live a longer life. On the flip side, food items that are deemed less environment-friendly are also less beneficial for you. Such food items include red meat, eggs, processed meats, etc.

Consuming food items that are more environment-friendly may help significantly reduce the risk of diseases like cancer, respiratory illness, heart disease, and neurological disorder. This means that plant-based food items are proving to be healthier.

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Planetary Health Diet Index

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Since eating healthy and mitigating the impact of humans on the environment is everybody’s concern, researchers are not coming up with a tool that will help public health officials as well as policymakers to develop strategies which will at once improve public health while addressing climate change.

It is called the Planetary Health Diet Index or the PHDI. Researchers employed the data generated via the EAT-Lancet reference diet. This diet takes into account the impact that food production practices have on the environment.

The data analysed a total of 47,000 deaths over the course of three decades. It is hoped that with the tool, the PHDI will also help people eat better while also aiding the environment.

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