Swing 330 Ft In The Air In Style With A Floating Retreat That Is Coming To Sharjah Mountains

by Deeplata Garde
Swing 330 Ft In The Air In Style With A Floating Retreat That Is Coming To Sharjah Mountains

You might have visited a lot of glamping sites in UAE, but ever heard of floating tents in the region? UAE spoils us with choices when it comes to leisure activities. Similarly, a floating retreat plan is approaching the UAE mountains. A new glamping experience that would let you hang out,(we literally mean hanging) between the Sharjah mountains. Check out the deets.

Wake-Up To Jaw-Dropping Views In A Suspended Pod


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The 10 pyramid-shaped pods are suspended in the air between the Sharjah peaks. The Ardh Architects-designed project aims to promote environmental awareness while showcasing the emirate’s natural scenery.

Visitors will experience breathtaking vistas as they awaken in close proximity to nature. Guests enter the Sharjah-based Floating Retreat on the ground level. Then from there it subsequently ascends like a lift to the deck, demonstrating the architects’ mastery of the entrance.
Definitely doesn’t sound like a good plan for Acrophobic!

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Not Just Tent’s But Much More To Experience Glamping In Sharjah!

Pic Creds: ArdhArchitects

Now that you know you will travel up from the ground level, also know that once the weather looks stable, the tents are lowered to a height of 330m. Thrilling right?
Each tent has the capacity to hold up to 2 people and the pod is fireproof, waterproof and light in weight. So they have ensured the safety concerns quite well. Now let’s stroll through the amenities provided along with the beautiful scenery.

A private toilet, a five-star spa, and a restaurant are among the amenities that are appropriate for a luxury hotel. Since WiFi is accessible on tablets and headphones, visitors can update their Instagram while out and about. There will also be many activities to explore the mountainous region, including hiking, cycling, and guided excursions.

The experience lets you check in for 24hrs of total bliss in the month between October to September.

What more can you ask from a glamping experience?

Cover Image Courtesy: ArdhArchitects