Take A Glimpse With Kamiya Jani Into The Future Of Travel In India With New Series, ‘India In Motion’

A new video series that focuses on India's elevated travel infrastructure.

by Tejashee Kashyap
Take A Glimpse With Kamiya Jani Into The Future Of Travel In India With New Series, ‘India In Motion’

Kamiya Jani has etched her name as a trailblazer in the realm of travel. Through a kaleidoscope of engaging videos, Curly Tales editor-in-chief, Jani brings a new series titled, ‘India In Motion’. A video series that is to be telecasted on the YouTube channel, the series focuses on India’s elevated travel infrastructure.

What’s ‘India In Motion’ All About?

India, with its vast expanse and burgeoning population, has long grappled with the challenge of developing efficient transportation infrastructure. However, in recent years, the nation has embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging innovation to reshape its transportation landscape. The travel series, hosted by Kamiya Jani,  shows the changing infrastructure of India. India is working to improve its infrastructure to build better-connected roads, the quickest trains, and the most advanced aeroplanes. The series throws light on how India’s infrastructure is evolving to suit the country’s future.

From ambitious projects like the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor to the proliferation of smart cities integrating cutting-edge technology, India is forging ahead with innovative infrastructure to meet the demands of its dynamic economy and growing population. From railways, and roads to airways, the new series focuses on how the country is laying the foundation for a more connected, efficient, and environmentally responsible future.

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Towards Integrated Transport Systems

“India In Motion” represents a pioneering exploration of elevated travel infrastructure, showcasing the transformative power of innovation and engineering ingenuity. With Kamiya Jani’s passion for travel and storytelling, the series promises to captivate audiences and inspire a new appreciation for the marvels of transportation.

Elevated travel infrastructure encompasses a diverse range of transportation systems, from skywalks and cable cars to monorails and sky bridges. Explore iconic constructions like the Chenab Bridge, the world’s tallest railway bridge, and marvel at advancements such as expressways, the Atal Setu Bridge, and undersea tunnels. Recognising the importance of road connectivity for both freight and passenger traffic, India has embarked on an ambitious program to develop expressways and upgrade its road infrastructure. In 2024, India’s highway network is expected to expand significantly, with new expressways due to change the country’s transportation scene in the coming months. Through “India In Motion,” along with Jani, you can aim to unravel the intricacies of these elevated marvels.

Soaring high above the ordinary, India In Motion invites audiences to embrace extraordinary travel ways. Catch the newest series on the Curly Tales YouTube channel & DD National.

Cover image credits: Instagram/Kamiya Jani