Take A Look At This Unique Double Diamond Railway Crossing In Nagpur

by Shreya Rathod
Take A Look At This Unique Double Diamond Railway Crossing In Nagpur

This might be a surprise to many, but Nagpur is a wonderful place and is developing at a rapid pace! With a new metro system and venue for the C20 summit, this city is becoming the focal point of important events. Being the second most important city in Maharashtra, this city also hosts the zero milestones! But out of many important and unique things that Nagpur is known for, the double diamond railway crossing is a famous one. Here’s what’s so unique about this intersection of the city.

Double Diamond Railway Crossing In Nagpur

Besides hosting the zero mile stone, Nagpur is home to a unique railway line intersection — a double-diamond railway crossing. The Ministry of Railway has tweeted about this interaction and mentioned the fact. Now what is this double diamond railway crossing and why is it so unique?

When two railway lines intersect and form a diamond-like structure, it is called a double diamond crossing. It shouldn’t necessarily be at a right angle. However, it is rare to find a right-angled crossing and that’s why Nagpur’s railway intersection is so unique! The railway lines that cross each other have one more interesting feature. Two of the railway tracks go towards the North-South and the other two go towards East-West directions. And a square-like structure is formed!

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The crossing is famous and people from all over India come to Nagpur just to witness the crossing. Moreover, it is open for twenty-four hours; however, no one is allowed to stay near the crossing line. The railway station connects three major lines — Gondia, New Delhi and Howrah – Rourkela – Raipur line.

Another Such Intersection

The only other railway crossing similar to this one is in the middle of Delhi. Interestingly, there were two more intersections at Dhanbad and Ernakulam terminus; however, they are now dysfunctional. Due to the geographical importance of Nagpur, this railway intersection was considered unique.

If you wish to see this marker or travel through it, then there are three train journeys that you can take — Samta Express (Delhi H Nizamuddin to Vishakhapatnam), Karmabhoomi Express (Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Kamakhya) and BKN BSP SF Express (Bikaner to Bilaspur).

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So, when are you planning to see this unique and unusual intersection?

Cover Image  Courtesy: Wikimedia