Take A Trek To One Tree Hill In Matheran

by Tushal Kukreja
Take A Trek To One Tree Hill In Matheran

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If you’re looking for some breath-taking trekking experiences and a panoramic views, One Tree Hill trek is your answer!

What Is It?

Matheran has about 38 view points in total and One Tree Hill is one of them. One tree hill is this undisturbed and serene trek which can rarely we said about the other treks in Matheran. What makes this trek so unique? The fact that it can be done in any season and also gives you the most serene experience every time. The reason why the trek is called the one tree hill trek is because when you reach the top, you get to see this peculiar hill with just one tree on it.

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Image by- Karthik Mistry

What Else?

The trail to One tree hill from Ambewadi is called the Shivaji ladder route. Halfway through the trail at the end of the thick forest, you come across a mass of boulders and rocks into which the trail disappears.The reason why it is called the Shivaji Ladder because according to the locals, Shivaji rode up this route on horseback. From there, it’s approximately 550m to the top, up a hill which mostly consists of dry grass (not during the monsoon), so make sure you strap on some shoes which have a good grip if you are going in the monsoon season.

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