Take This Old School Boat Ride On The Hooghly River In Kolkata

by Shubhanjana Das
Take This Old School Boat Ride On The Hooghly River In Kolkata

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Princep Ghat in Kolkata is one of the most visited tourist spots in the city, but very few know about this scenic boat ride through the Hooghly river.

What Is It?

Kolkata’s Hooghly River which flows under the iconic Howrah Bridge is not just considered pious but is also an attractive tourist spot. The scenic boat ride from Princep Ghat on one of the old-fashioned boats reveals a side of the city that cannot be witnessed from land.


One can either take the ferry or go for a more private option- the boat. Oared by one of the may boatmen who wait by the ghat, this is one tourist activity that is yet to find fame. The ride takes you up close to the magnanimous Howrah Bridge from where you can view the wonder clearly.

What’s In It?

This boat ride is a favourite amongst locals who want to spend some alone time in a setting that is quite unlike any other and with an unmatched view of the city of joy on both sides. The boats, unlike the ferry ride from Bagbazar to Howrah, is more private and gives you the space to enjoy the views.

Image Credit: India Mike

The ride is best taken during the golden hours when the view surpasses any other of its kind. If one truly wishes to experience the heritage of the city and its old-world charm this boat ride cannot be missed while in Kolkata.


Address: Fort William, Hastings, Kolkata, West Bengal 700021
Price: Varies according to the time of the day and the tides.


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