Tamil Nadu Chef Makes ‘Rasam’ Go Viral In USA Due To Its Immunity Boosting Ingredients

immunity boosting rasam
by Sanjana Shenoy
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When we’re down with an illness, we Indians often turn to our desi nuskes or home remedies to help find a cure. This COVID-19 pandemic has similarly resulted in many Indian households, restaurants and even resorts serving haldi doodh and kadha to help boost our immunities. And looks like we’re not alone. Thanks to a chef from Tamil Nadu, people in the USA now find solace in the South Indian staple ‘rasam’ combat COVID-19. It’s immunity-boosting ingredients like turmeric, garlic and ginger has made this drink go viral in the USA.

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South Indian Staple ‘Rasam’ Becomes Viral In The USA Thanks To Tamil Nadu Chef Arun Arun Rajadurai

Arun Rajadurai, a 35-year-old Tamil Nadu-based chef in the USA decided to cater rasam to COVID-19 positive patients at hospitals. According to The New Indian Express, Arun catered food to patients at three hospitals. He decided to add the complimentary dish of ‘rasam thanks to its immunity-boosting ingredients like turmeric, ginger and garlic. Little did he know that his ‘immunity-boosting soup’ would go viral in the USA. In Ranchi, a man invented immunity-boosting rasagullas made of chilly, turmeric and garlic. 

Picture Credits: TNIE

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Tamil Nadu Chef Arun Rajadurai Serves Rasam To COVID-19 Positive Patients In The USA

His dish from the hotel he worked at Anjappar Princeton, became a bestseller. It became so popular that the humble rasam went viral in the USA. Arun Rajadurai the introduced rasam in the restaurant’s Canada, New Jersey and New York branches. Infact he proudly sold over 500 to 600 cups of rasam daily. He states to TNIE, “I was experimenting at home when I made this. We never thought it would be such a hit.”

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Arun shifted to New Jersey from Meensurutti in Ariyalur, five years ago. He learnt catering at IHM Tiruchy. The talented chef also received an award for the Best South East Asian Chef in 2018. Well, South Indians across the world can now rejoice that the humble rasam has now taken over the USA. The hot, spicy-sour tomato-based stock filled with spices, is just the comfort and nourishment you’d crave to brighten your mood. Meanwhile, if you wish to order rasam, here are 8 ways you can ensure safety when you order food. 

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