Ranchi Sweet Shop Sells Immunity Boosting Rasgullas Made Of Bitter Gourd, Garlic & Green Chilli

immunity boosting rasgullas
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 2513

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. And a perfect example of this is the invention of various immunity-boosting food and beverages which have come up in various parts of India to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Every nook and cranny of the country serves immunity-boosting kadha, rasam and even sweets aren’t spared. A Ranchi sweet shop now sells immunity-boosting rasgullas made of bitter gourd, garlic, green chilly and turmeric this festive season. If you want to indulge in rasgullas, then why not try out this unique colourful yet healthy mithai? Read on to know more.

Immunity-Boosting Rasgullas: The Flavour Of This Festive Season

Kamal Aggarwal, a local confectioner from Ranchi Jharkhand created a rasgulla, touting to be good for one’s immunity. The sweet shop owner’s business came to a standstill due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown. He decided to invent a sweet that boosted people’s immunity. After all, it’s the flavour and the need of the hour. Customers can sweeten the upcoming festivals of Diwali, Bhai Dooj and Chhath with these special immunity boosting rasgullas.

immunity boosting rasgullas

Picture Credits: India Today

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In an interview with India Today, Kamal Aggarwal stated, “I noticed that people were buying products which helped in building immunity. Customers have become very cautious about what they eat since the coronavirus outbreak. That is when I decided to come up with an immunity-boosting rasgulla which is enriched with immunity-boosting ingredients. Initially, there was a lukewarm response but since Durga Puja, the business has been doing well. I have received many orders ahead of Diwali too.”

immunity boosting rasgullas

Picture Credits: hindi.news18.com

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Ranchi Sweet Shop Sells Rasgullas Made Of Turmeric, Garlic &  Green Chilli

Aggarwal informed India Today that the immunity boosting rasgullas contain ingredients which help increase immunity. He stated that his sweet shop uses bitter gourd, garlic, green chilli and turmeric to prepare these rasgullas.Bharat Kumar, an AYUSH doctor with government of Jharkhand informed media houses that the ingredients used to prepare rasgullas, contain vitamins and nutrients, known to help boost immunity.  If you’re from Ranchi, you can also get these delicious rasgullas delivered at home. You can buy a pack of five rasgullas for ₹100 and a pack of ten for ₹200. If you’re up for more experimentation, then try the rasgullas varieties like tulsi, pudina, dhania, elaichi, chyawanprash, kiwi, amla, beetroot, khajoor to name a few.

immunity boosting rasgullas

Picture Credits: India Today

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The rasgullas are available in various interesting variants like haldi, green chilly, tulsi, dhania, pudina, elaichi, karela, chyawanprash, orange, pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, lemon, rose, amla, chocolate, khajoor, moranga (moonga), gilloy, beetroot and so on. Meanwhile, check our video below to find out more about the global coronavirus themed foods. 

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