Tara Sutaria Orders Gulab Jamun Tubs From This Eatery In Chembur

by Shreya Ghosh
Tara Sutaria Orders Gulab Jamun Tubs From This Eatery In Chembur

Most celebrities have a very healthy lifestyle to maintain the perfect body and great health overall. They follow strict diets, hit the gym regularly, stay active, and away from all the junk food to get that perfect body. Well, some celebrities have a good metabolism and do not put on any weight even after eating a lot and not working out. And Tara Sutaria is one of these lucky celebrities. She has such a stunning figure and surprisingly she does not diet or hit the gym regularly to maintain it. On a Sunday brunch with Zomato, she shared with our Chief Travelling Officer Kamiya Jani that she loves to gorge on gulab jamun from an eatery in Chembur.

Tara Sutaria Orders Gulab Jamun Tubs From Jhama Sweets In Chembur

Kamiya Jani played a fun round of ‘Eat-O-Meter’ presented by Zomato with the guests, Arjun Kapoor, Disha Patani, and Tara Sutaria. She asked the stars about a food that they have an unlimited appetite for. To this Tara replied that she loves to gorge on gulab jamun and she also shared that she loves this dessert from ‘Jhama Sweets’ in Chembur. Tara shared, ‘ I love it. You have to have it fresh.’ She also suggested, ‘Have ice cold rabdi and have hot jalebis or gulab jamun. This is the best combo ever guys.’ Tara’s love for this sweet shop is endless. She shared, ‘I order like 3 tubs at a time and it is dripping with syrup. I lick the tub too.’

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Arjun Kapoor Shared The Perfect Way To Gorge On Gulab Jamun

Just like Tara Sutaria, her co-star of Ek Villain Returns, Arjun Kapoor loves gulab jamun from Jhama sweets too. In the fun candid conversation, he claimed this eatery serves the best gulab jamun in the universe. Arjun also suggested Disha Patani about the proper way to relish these yummiest desserts. He said, ‘You can have it garam (hot). The syrup needs to be over the sweets and you need to take it from the dabba (container) and eat it like that.’

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Arjun also shared, ‘The other good part about this gulab jamun is when it’s hidden in the fridge away from you, and you go at night and eat it cold, it tastes unbelievable.’ Another suggestion by him is to eat the syrup with vanilla ice cream and mix it for a nice dessert.

To watch the entire Sunday brunch, check out this video below.