Try Pizza In A Cone At The Newly Opened Coney Island In Mumbai

by Natasha Monteiro
Try Pizza In A Cone At The Newly Opened Coney Island In Mumbai

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We’ve found the best way to have pizza! It’s in a cone and it’s delicious.

What Is It?

What are the things you can eat in a cone – ice-cream, bhel or may be fries! But that’s about it! Or is it? Because we’ve heard of a cool new place that serves pizza – in a cone! Say goodbye to pizza by the slice because it’s time to eat pizza in a cone.

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Coney Island serves some downright cheesy delights – in a cone! The kitchen prides itself on always having the best variants and an ever-evolving menu.

How Do You Make It?

The pizza-cones are prepared with the help of 3D moulding technology within a time span of just six minutes. Once the cone is formed, the pizza is loaded with delicious toppings. Moreover, this perfectly shaped pizza has no excess crust ad there is no sign of seams and cracks in it.

The crowd-pleasers are the Chicken Sriracha Cone, Popeye’s Secret and Meat Lover’s. Don’t forget to try out their delicious drinks as well. Our personal favourite is the Nutella Mocha River Shake.

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What Else?

Coney Island is a delicious entry to Mumbai’s food scene. Both the outlets (Khar and Breach Candy) don’t have seating and are available for take-out only.


Coney Island has two outlets:

Khar: Union Park, Khar, Mumbai
Breach Candy: 2A, Meherabad,Warden Road, Breach Candy, Mumbai

Contact: 90761 50911


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