Temperature In Delhi-NCR Drops Below 2°C. Delhites, How Many Layers Are You Putting On?

by Shreya Ghosh
Temperature In Delhi-NCR Drops Below 2°C. Delhites, How Many Layers Are You Putting On?

What is the temperature where you are right now? Is it chillier than ever or can you manage the cold by putting on just a sweater? Well, for Delhites, the weather is worsening every day with a decrease in temperature and causing more shivering chills. Dense fog with intensified coldwave is enveloping Delhi-NCR right now. The national capital witnessed a record drop in temperature in the first few days of the New Year 2023 itself.

Temperature Dropped Below 2°C In Delhi-NCR

delhi fog
Credits: Wikimedia

North India is experiencing a bad coldwave for the past few days. And it is escalating more and more with every passing day. The temperature dropped to as low as 1.8 °C on Friday morning in Aya Nagar in South West Delhi, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD) data. If the morning begins with such a record-low temperature, we can only imagine how the night will be.

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The temperature plunged down to 4.0°C in Safdarjung. Thick blankets of fog surrounding Delhi are even leading to delays in flights and trains. The officials shared that this led to a delay of about 30 flights from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and about 26 trains coming to Delhi, as reported by India Today.

Delhites Are Providing Amenities And Shelter To The Homeless People

The coldwave is getting unbearable for the ones living in luxurious homes layered up in blankets. The situation is very troublesome for homeless people. And to deal with this unfortunate situation, shelter homes and tents with blankets have been opened. Also, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee recently asked associations to help with blankets, heaters, sweaters, and appropriate clothes for the security staff.

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Delhi is colder than many hill stations and mountains at the moment. The coldwave is supposed to continue the same with a low temperature for a few more days, according to the India Meteorological Department. Temperature is expected to gradually increase over the weekends.

No matter in which corner of the world you are in, keep yourselves warm with warm clothes and also enjoy good nutritious food to keep yourselves away from cough and cold.

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