Ten Best International Destinations To Travel To In May

by Natasha Monteiro
Ten Best International Destinations To Travel To In May

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Need an excuse to travel? We’re giving you ten! Check out our list of ten international destinations for you to explore this May.

1. Louisville, Kentucky

Ladies, it’s time to channel your inner Southern Belle and carry all those pastels and spring dresses because we’re taking you the Kentucky Derby. Held at the beginning of the month, the Kentucky Derby is like the ice you add to the country’s bourbon capital. Think extravagant hats, horses and mint juleps and you’ve got yourself a vacay worth a million memories!

Best International Destinations To Travel
Louisville, Kentucky

Where to Eat: Make ‘Proof on Main‘ your main hangout. A favourite haunt of the locals, it serves the best alcohol and great Kentucky food and we don’t mean KFC! Make sure you stop over for brunch at the Silver Dollar. Gorge on chilaquiles, cornbread pancakes and of course bourbon cocktails.

Travel Cost: Round trip air fare: INR 86,000 per head (Fly via Cincinnati for cheaper airfares)

2. Canggu, Bali

Popularly nicknamed the ‘Brooklyn of Bali’ Canggu is not just a place, it’s a state of mind. Canggu is your slice of paradise in an otherwise crowded Bali. If surfing is your thing, you’re going to love this place. Canggu plays host to some pretty epic surf breaks including Echo, Batu Balong and Mengening Beaches. Lounge by the beach or go check out the gorgeous rice fields. Private villa rentals are big in Canggu although there is accommodation for every kind of budget.

Where to Eat: The coastline is filled with eco, vego, and organic food, drinks and bars mostly run by ex-pats. These casual cafes add to the quaintness of Canggu. Walk down to Jl Pantai Berawa or Jl Pantai Batu Bolong and experiment with delicious Balinese food. We loved Crate Café for breakfast. We also highly recommend Betelnut for the cheesecake with raspberries.

Travel Cost: Round trip air fare: INR 38,000 per head

Travel Tip: Use Ubers while you’re in Bali. They’re cheaper than booking taxis.

3. Cancun, Mexico

May is probably the best time to visit the beautiful city of Cancun in Mexico. Head straight to Playa del Carmen for a lovely time by the beach. Pack your bikinis because it’s time to work on your tan and gape at the golden beaches with blue waters. Whether you’re looking for a great party or some quiet solitude or just a family getaway, Cancun caters to everyone. The beauty of Cancun lies in its dual setting. One portion is a dedicated party arena filled with glitzy hotels and the other is the local setting with its casual cafes and taco joints.

Best International Destinations To Travel
Cancun, Mexico

Where to Eat: Cancun is home to five stars and street food joints. We say try it all! There’s nothing better than a plate of tacos with downtown salsa to get you all warm and tingly inside. Enjoy a romantic dinner at La Habichuela. Our favourite dish there is the cocobichuela, which is essentially just chunks of lobster and shrimp cooked in a curry sauce. Delicious!

Travel Cost: Round trip air fare: INR 98,000 per head

4. Athens, Greece

Do you really need an excuse like good weather to visit Athens? The fact that Athens does have great weather in May is only an added bonus. Walk around, cycle around or simply take a shuttle as you explore the beautiful, historically rich city of Athens. Think white columns, majestic structures and turquoise waters. We bet that nothing you picture in your head will ever compare to the real beauty of the majesty that is Athens.

Best International Destinations To Travel
Athens, Greece

Where to Eat: We love Mani Mani, a cheerful little eatery that specialises in regional cuisine from Mani in the Peloponnese. Our favorite was the tangy Mani sausage with orange. Another great place to visit is 2 Mazi – an elegant setup in a neoclassical mansion. Think fresh seafood mixed with local ingredients and you’ve got yourself a treat. If you’re a vegetarian, head over to Avocado. A rarity in Greece, this café with a tiny front patio, offers vegan, gluten-free and organic treats.

Travel Cost: Round trip air fare: INR 45,000 per head

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

Breezy and uber cool, Tel Aviv is for the city lovers. Israel’s second-largest city is everything you want it to be. It’s filled with charm and modern amenities, is home to the best clubs and where you can live life to the fullest. The month of May is perfect with temperatures complimenting the culinary innovations the city has to offer. The best bit about Tel Aviv is that there’s a load of things you can do there without spending a shekel. Head over to the Jaffa Promenade, Hayarkon Park and of course the Carmel Market.

Best International Destinations To Travel
Tel Aviv, Israel

Where to Eat: Falafel. Middle Eastern Fare and Babka! What more do you need? Head over to Shuk HaPishpeshim for that perfect Bohemian vibe. Once there, try out the Arabic food at Al-Ashi or maybe some Turkish delights at Onza. We strongly recommend Claro for some local Mediterranean food and hand-made pitas.

Travel Cost: Round trip air fare: INR 43,000 per head

6. Linz, Austria

When you’re not sure where to travel, blindly pick Austria as your place of choice. Rest assured, you can never go wrong. The month of May plays host to the Rhine in Flames 2017 (festival). It takes place on the 6th of May. Prepare to be astonished as the city of Rhine gets a makeover. The waterfront on the Rhine is swathed in brilliant lights. You can witness spectacular fireworks (just like the movies). Straight out of a fairytale, it feels like the entire Rhine is swathed in dazzling lights. Get on a cruise and get up, close and personal or simply watch the show from the beach-front. Like we said, you can never go wrong in Austria. There are plenty of programmes and concerts that are part of the festival – something you must take part in.

Best International Destinations To Travel
A pic from Rhine in Flames, 2016

Where to Eat: Try out Alte Welt for some typical Austrian cuisine. Another favorite is the Chelsea Pub – a small Irish pub where you get to speak a little English and try out a few ales. Cafe Bar Walker is exactly what it says it is. It’s a bar with great outdoor seating and id a great budget restaurant to try out. A burger here is just about 4 Euros.

Travel Cost: Round trip air fare: INR 67,000 per head.

7. Sydney, Australia

Think talcum-powdered beaches, turquoise waters and an ocean brimming with colourful marine life. If you enjoy unadulterated beauty, then you have to plan a trip to Sydney. Add to it that the Vivid Sydney festival begins in the month of May and you’ve got a winner. Running from 26 May – 17 June 2017, Vivid Sydney Festival is a festival of light, music and ideas. It is a gorgeous celebration of art, sculptures and grand-scale projections. It’s absolutely free and offers an experience of Sydney in its truest sense. In fact, it is the biggest international music and light show in the Asia-Pacific region.

Where to Eat: Whatever your budget, there’s always something to suit your palette in Sydney. Bloodwood is one of our favourite restaurants. They’ve somehow managed to encompass the soul of the city in their food. We can’t stop raving about the salty, savoury Provencal-style pancakes covered thickly in Persian fetta and toasted pumpkin seeds. There’s also the super crunchy polenta chips with a gutsy gorgonzola dipping sauce which packs quite a punch. Do also try Pilu at Freshwater for the wonderful seafood and suckling pig.

Travel Cost: Round trip air fare: INR 50,000 per head

8. Istanbul, Turkey

A pleasant 22 degrees Celsius, we’re booking our tickets now! May is the perfect time to visit Istanbul since it’s not too crowded. There’s a crisp coolness in the air and the hotel prices are reasonable throughout the country. Istanbul is for the night-owl. The parties here have no curfew and boy, do these guys know how to party! Book yourself a room in Galata or Cankutaran which is centrally located. Check out Dolmabahce Palace which offers a guided tour and a free harem tour.

Where to Eat: Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that a Turk offering you tea is about as good as a friendship request on Facebook? While language might be a barrier, the Turks are extremely social people and take great pride in their cuisine. Never ever compare their meals to Greek cuisine. That’s a boo boo you want to avoid. Head over to Tarihi Sultanahmet Koftecisi. Their menu may be limited but their dishes are phenomenal and more that make up for it. While in Istanbul, try out Kofte – a sort of grilled lamb meatball.

Travel Cost: Round trip air fare: INR 38,000 per head

9. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Put on that Cape because it’s time to fly into a land so beautiful, you’re going to be blown away. Cape Cod is home to stunning beaches, great climate, whale watching, a summer theatre and of course world- class golf. It’s one of those locations that you plan a return trip to. Explore the lighthouses or the glorious dunes. Bike past weathered shingles and whaling captains’ mansions.

Best International Destinations To Travel
Cape Cod, Massachusettes

Where to Eat: Ah yes! The question that matters. Cape Cod has four major food groups – breakfast, seafood, ice cream, and alcohol. Needless to say, it’s a lifestyle we approve of. Head straight to Mac’s Shack. Its home to some fab oysters, fish tacos, and burritos. The highlight of the restaurant though is a dish called hand grenades – sushi-esque constructions of rice, scallops, shrimp, and spicy sauce. Katie’s Ice Cream is another must-try. They serve flavours like rosemary fig and lavender honeycomb. WOW!

Travel Cost: Round trip air fare: INR 84,000 per head (Fly to Boston and take a connecting flight for cheaper rates)

10. Vancouver Island, Canada

Watch Mother Nature in all her glory and we do mean in all her glory. Vancouver Island is home to greenery, exotic flowers, bears (grizzly and black) and everything you can imagine. There’s tonnes of things to do here from paragliding to snorkeling to throwing yourself down a white water raid. Vancouver Island is not for the weak-hearted. Adventure enthusiasts, this island is your playground.

Where to Eat: There’s fine dining and there’s casual dining. Vancouver Island has it all. The island is bubbling with seafood and of course has rich farmlands which makes it a wine lover’s favourite location. Try out the cedar plank salmon, Cowichan Valley wines and Nanaimo bars. There’s plenty of global cuisine but all of them have a bit of a local touch. We recommend the Mad Chef Café for food with an insane attitude. They serve homemade pizzas, soups and salads – all of which are delicious!

Travel Cost: Round trip air fare: INR 64,000 per head
Travel Tip: Fly to Boston and take a connecting flight for cheaper rates