Terrible Traffic Woes At Delhi’s IGI Airport May End With This Y-Shaped Flyover

by Angel Srivastava
Terrible Traffic Woes At Delhi’s IGI Airport May End With This Y-Shaped Flyover

Tired of getting stuck in traffic on your way to the airport? Well, the airport authority has come up with a proposal that can put your worries to rest.  A Y-shaped flyover may soon be built to make things swift and here are all the details.

Image Credits: Wikipedia

What Is It?

The airport authorities for Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi have proposed a Y-shaped flyover for transit passengers who face terrible traffic while transferring between Terminals 1 & T3.

The Y shaped flyover will connect all the three terminals of IGI airport in Delhi. There is also going to be a second flyover on a smaller scale that will act as a bypass that allows travellers to take a free left turn from the signal crossing to get to T3 or straight towards T1.

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

The Y shaped flyover is going to be a huge relief for Delhiites and frequent flyers. It will not only clear out the traffic on the main road towards T2 and T3, but will also ensure that feeder buses from the metros can get passengers to T1 as quickly as possible.

What’s More?

The flyover will have two approach roads- one from T3 and another from Dwarka, which means that passengers from Dwarka can easily avoid the entire Palam route and directly reach the airport.

While these roads will have two-way access, the third route will accommodate only one-way traffic. If the proposal gets approval, not only will it be beneficial for travellers heading towards IGI but also for Delhiites who take the nearby routes on a daily basis.

They also have plans to develop an air train by the year 2020 for the safe transfer of passengers. The train will be built underground between T1 and Aerocity. The train will take an elevated route T3 onward.

Well, we are eagerly waiting to see how this turns out and hope for the best, because this would certainly mean no more worrying about missing our flights.