Thai Cuisine Tops Popularity Charts In India

by Sanjana Shenoy
Thai Cuisine Tops Popularity Charts In India

You know Thai Cuisine has made its mark on the Indian foodie’s list when you find yourself googling ‘Best Thai Restaurants’ in your city and shopping for lemongrass, galangal and tofu from your nearby shopping centre. Foodies out there! You will be surprised to know that a 2019 survey conducted by London based market research and data-analytics firm, YouGov has noted that around 65% of respondents in India said they liked Thai cuisine.

What Makes Thai Cuisine So Popular?

Just thinking about the coconut-based Thai Red Curry, aromatic Tom Yum Soup, refreshing chicken minced salad- Larb Gai, can make any foodie’s mouth water. One of the reasons why Thai food is so popular is because of its similarity to Indian cuisine. Chef Paul Kinny of Mumbai’s Mekong restaurant points out, that the use of ingredients like chillies, ginger, mint, coriander and coconut milk in both Thai and Indian cuisine nudges foodies to experiment and explore Thai dishes. We Indians love our rice and curry, and guess what? So do people from Thailand!

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Tourism and Globalization are other reasons why you will find a surge in Thai fine dining restaurants and takeaways in your city. Thai Tourism Ministry stated that around 1,80,000 Indians visited Thailand in June this year. Crazy right?

Indians now have more disposable income as well as a keen interest to experiment with different global cuisines. Thai food is slowly turning into comfort food for people, thanks to its flavoursome coconut-based curries and aromatic rice. It’s even ticking the spicy, sweet and tangy palate of Indians around the country. So now that you know how popular Thai cuisine is in India, have you made your dinner plans yet?

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