Thailand’s Vibrant Markets Are Perfect For Retail Therapy! Here’s A List Of Some Must-Buy Souvenirs

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Thailand’s Vibrant Markets Are Perfect For Retail Therapy! Here’s A List Of Some Must-Buy Souvenirs

Is that trip to Thailand with friends finally making it out of that WhatsApp group? Firstly, Congratulations! Secondly, we are sure you have your itinerary for the entire trip ready, but check if you have added the amazing Thailand markets to it. If not, you will be missing a huge portion of the country. Thailand is known for its colourful and vibrant markets. Here’s what you can bring back as souvenirs!

List Of Some Must-Buy Souvenirs

The marketplaces in Thailand will enthral you if you are a true shopaholic. There are some markets in Thailand that will make you fall in love with them forever. Thailand offers a large number of street and local markets where people can buy a variety of things that are authentically displayed.

1. Traditionally Handwoven Textiles

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Thai traditional fabrics have been produced for many years. You will encounter a diverse array of weaving methods, techniques, patterns, and themes while touring the nation. These textiles, which are individual pieces of art, are handwoven and hand-dyed. See the Baan Chan Rom Weaving Village in Tambon Kaewasi Narin, which is renowned for being the hub of regional fabric weaving. For weaving, they cultivate their own silkworms and mulberries. Typically, the patterns are of a regional character. 

2. Thai Silver

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Thailand is renowned for its fine silversmithing. Thai silversmithing is influenced by Chinese and other Asian styles. Over time, Thai artisans have created their own unique methods. Visit the Doi Silver Factory, a renowned centre for silver handicrafts with over 70 years of experience, situated in Nan’s Pua district. It is considered one of Thailand’s top suppliers of silver and jewellery.

3. Thai Pottery

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Thai lacquerware and ceramics have distinct designs. They have been inspired by the methods employed to create Burmese and Chinese skills. Earthenware was first influenced by red clay pots made by the Mon or Burmese. The surface has a simple design and is unglazed. Chinese ceramics were greatly influenced, but Thai painters created their own unique designs. High-fired celadon stonewares with distinctively broken feldspathic and wood-ash glazes are highly prized in Thailand.

4. Handmade Paper

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When in Thailand, buy some handmade paper if you’re a stationery enthusiast. Mulberry plant paper production is a well-established industry in northern Thailand, where the trees are abundant and grow wild. Because mulberry bark can be used and maintained longer than other types of paper, people in ancient Thailand made paper from it. Additionally, you may see the paper-making process directly at locations like SP-Studio in Lampang.

5. Bamboo Crafts

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Thailand is renowned for its finely crafted rattan and bamboo goods. Rattan and bamboo are important decorative elements in a lot of Thai homes. A large portion of traditional Thai furniture is constructed of bamboo and rattan, ranging in size from baskets and trays to larger pieces like chairs, beds, and warm lamps. It is advisable to visit villages and towns where you may find locally produced furniture crafted in studios, shops, and family-owned enterprises. ( Outlook Traveller)

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