The 46-Year-Old French Bakery Brioche Dorée Opened Its First India Outlet In Delhi & Offers Only Vegetarian Delicacies

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 746

Brioche Dorée is a renowned French chain of Café-bakery that was founded in 1976 in Brest. The name translating to  “Golden Brioche” in French is famous for offering top-notch bakery products in quick-service seating. Operating 500 restaurants spread across 50 countries, the French patisserie serves over 3,00,000 customers every day. Brioche Dorée opened its first India outlet in Delhi. Read on to know why we’d recommend you visit Brioche Dorée on your next trip to Delhi.

Brioche Dorée Opened India’s First Outlet In Delhi

The world’s second-largest bakery-cafe chain, Brioche Dorée teamed up with Halidram’s to open India’s first outlet in Delhi. Nestled in Connaught Place, this exclusive cafe serves exceptional bread, salads, pastries, sandwiches and soups that perfectly blend French cuisine with the Indian palette. You can head here for a leisure breakfast, a cup of high-tea or a wholesome dinner with loved ones. While they just serve vegetarian food, you won’t miss out on the authentic French flavours.  How fancy is it to gorge on melt-in-the-mouth delicacies that transport you to the bustling streets of France?

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A Well-Lit Cafe With A Cosy Ambience

Brioche Dorée is spread across two expansive floors that are well-lit. The decor is charming and minimalistic. With elegant wooden chairs, cute tables, patterned flooring and delicious-looking food art adorning the walls, Brioche Dorée boasts of a cosy ambience. There are also plush red sofas, for those looking for a cosier seating option. The quaint cafe is a perfect spot to hang out with friends over a cup of coffee and buttery goodies, that keep the conversations flowing.

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Exquisite French Onion Soup, Lip-Smacking Pizzas To Keep You Company

Sip a steaming hot cup of Vanilla Tea or a mug of strong Cappuccino that come with complimentary cookies. The classic Hot Chocolate is also on the menu for those seeking a hot drink that exuberates warm fuzzy feelings. When you’re here order the classic French Onion Soup and Truffle Couscous Salad. Other delicious dishes include the Roasted Veg & Olive Pesto Pilati and the Farfalle with Truffle Cream Sauce. The pizza is one of the highlights here as it’s flaky, super-light and is filled with oodles of cheese and veggies.

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Pamper Yourselves With Traditional French Croissants & Pastries

Keep a large appetite for desserts, as there’s plenty to pamper yourselves with. Start with the pillowy Blueberry Muffin and the homey Apple Cinnamon Tart. You can add on ice cream or chocolate sauce for extra bucks. And ofcourse, how can we forget the signature croissants, from flavours like almond, raspberry, creme brulee to even paneer, you’d be spoilt for choice. Those willing to try something new, we’d suggest you order the Kouign Amman and Austrian Sachertore.

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Pack Freshly Baked Bread & Cheese Straws For The Road

And ofcourse don’t forget to pack freshly baked bread that is prepared with multi-grains, fig, muesli and are low fat.  Take the mini muffins, mini croissants, cakes and Brioche Doree cheese straws for the road. This way you can get a slice of France at the comfort of your home too. Brioche Dorée also delivers their bakery goodies for those hesitant to step out amid the pandemic. So, if you’re yearning for a trip to France just head to or order from Brioche Dorée.


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