The 6 Types Of Non Vegetarians You Will Definitely ‘Meat’


If you’re a vegetarian you know the struggle of finding food to eat with your hardcore non-vegetarian friends. Some will force you to death to eat it, some will come up with bizarre reasons to be eating meat, others cannot stop thinking about non-veg and so on. Well, to make everyone’s life easier, we have rounded up those non-vegetarians you will definitely meet at least once in your life. So gear up and make notes and whatever you do, do not question their meat.

1. The Defender

Steer clear of this one especially if you’re vegetarian because one word against their meat and they will blow up in your face. They love their chicken and assortment of meats and will not back off from making YOU feel guilty for ever questioning their choice. My advice: pretend they are eating leaves and not picking a bone clean.

2. The Converter

Haven’t we all been subjected to the torture that is “paneer samajhke kha ja”? I hear you, friends. The converter is a hard one to crack. They will not only enjoy their meat but then force the F out of you to get in on the “fun”! No matter what you tell them, no excuse will get you off their hook because….”paneer samajh ke kha ja!” You need to cool it, converters. Respect people’s choices and move on already.

3. The Need Some Chicken Lovin’

If you have your sights set on this one, get ready for heartbreak because they aren’t available gurl! This one’s already taken. By the love of CHICKEN. They eat chicken, the think about chicken, they only want chicken all the damn time! There’s no room for you and nor will there ever be. Sigh.

4. The Specific Meat Eater

Ever gotten stuck with someone who cannot or will not stop going on about that creamy chicken or herbed mutton in a spicy gravy? And then make everybody get that very gravy or meat? Chances are you have already met the specific meat eater. This one will not rest until they have gotten the kind of meat that they want with that very sauce and the RIGHT kind of spices. It is annoying to say the very least. Why don’t you carry all the ingredients and cook up your own food?

5. The Non-Veg Decision Maker

Be it wedding plans, hangout plans or even office parties, everything revolves around non-veg for this one. Want to take them to a wedding? Forget it if it’s a Jain wedding because no non-veg means a no go. It all falls apart if the plan doesn’t include a helping of meat. So plan those outings well.

6. The Eggetarian 

Perhaps the most innocent of them all, I’m sure you know some eggetarians well! Or you might be one yourself. It’s hard to toe the line right? You just can’t make either of them happy. The non-vegetarians won’t count you as one of their own and same goes for the vegetarians. So here we are, eating eggs all by ourselves. We just wanna get in on the fun you’ll. Be nice.

Let us know in the comments below which type of non-veg eater are you and how many types of non-vegetarians have you met! And check out types of vegetarian folks as well here:

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Madhusree Chatragadda
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