The Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway Will Be Accessible From October

by Shreya Ghosh
The Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway Will Be Accessible From October

It has been about 4 years since the announcement of the ‘Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway’ was made. Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari recently announced in Parliament that the first phase of this project will be over by the next month, early September 2022. A huge stretch of this 61 km highway will be accessible to the public by October of this year itself. The total completion of this project will help in reducing the travel time between these cities to a higher extent.

All The Facts Of This Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway:

The Union minister shared a lot of details about the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway. This expressway will be of 10 lanes and out of these lanes, 6 main carriageways will be open to the public by October 2022. Also, some work on designs and construction of entry roads and exit roads connecting the big towns and cities are parts of this development. The stretch of 61 km between Mysuru and Nidagatta will certainly be complete by early September. And the 56.2 km stretch between Nidagatta and Bengaluru will certainly be accessible to people by 20 October. This expressway will be a saviour for the people travelling between Bengaluru and Mysore as the travel time will decrease to 90 minutes from a tedious journey of 3 long hours.

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This Project Is Under Construction!

The total cost of this expressway is humongous. Till now, the development took ₹1,939 crores and the entire cost is ₹2,919 crores. Pratap Simha is the Mysuru and Kodagu MP and he said that the formal opening of the fully constructed Bengaluru-Mysuru highway will take some time. The reason behind this delay is the new demands and modifications of the residents. The changes are already being made including changing the location of the Ganaguru toll plaza, entry and exit points, and places to rest in Maddur, Bidadi, Mandya, Ramanagar, and Srirangapatna.

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This highway will connect Bengaluru and Mysore in different locations such as Mangaluru, Chikkamagluru, Kodagu, and some places in Kerala. Various parts of this long stretch will focus on certain things. For example, the 117-km stretch is for tackling the immense crowd and traffic between Bengaluru and Mysore. The rush increases on holidays and even on weekends as well. As per reports, this highway will have 13 pedestrian underpasses, 41 vehicle underpasses, 4 rail overbridges, and 72 bridges.