The Familiarity Of Shimla, The Silence Of The Hills! Fagu Is A Hidden Ski Heaven For Delhi Winter Getaways!

by Vidisha Khaitan
The Familiarity Of Shimla, The Silence Of The Hills! Fagu Is A Hidden Ski Heaven For Delhi Winter Getaways!

When we think of Delhi getaways, Shimla is the first thought that comes to mind. Familiar, beautiful and a guaranteed good time, what else could you want in an effortless getaway? There is something that’s missing from Shimla thought: the silence of the mountains. Over tourism and commercialisation has chipped away at the tranquillity that people go looking for to the Himalayas. The sound of the mountains is lost in traffic jams, loud tourists and lines everywhere. We have found the perfect solution. Fagu is the perfect getaway from Shimla! It’s 18 km from Shimla railway station and airport. The getaway feels you crave in the roads leading to Shimla, the air of familiarity, the mountains you know all too well will be there, with one tiny addition, peace. These Getaways From Delhi Are Perfect For A Crazy New Year’s Eve With Friends Under 10k!

What is it

Fagu is a popular skiing destination. It’s at the beginning of the Hindustan Tibet Road that goes up to Tibet border in Kinnaur region. It’s one of the highest peaks in the area making it cooler than Shimla all year round. Chances of a witnessing a white winter wonderland covered in snowfall are higher here. Get your cameras ready for that perfect Instagram picture. From January to March, this hidden heaven sees a lot of snowmen and snow angels. One Day Getaway Guide For Delhiites Who Live For Weekends Because Dil Chahta Hai

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Things to do

This is the perfect getaway to just unwind and relax. No noise, no commotion, just you and the hills sounds like the weekend you deserve, doesn’t it? At the height of 2450 meters, clouds engulf the whole place. Hatu top is the number one spot for scenic views here. Apple gardens, terraced fields and potato fields are everywhere for the greenest experience away from Delhi pollution. There are a few beautiful resorts here for stay or morning walks. Carry a book, pick a spot and camp out. You can also visit Theog Town, Katir and Banathia Devta Temple.

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This discovery remains untouched by industrialisation and over commercialisation. It’s the perfect excuse for a short trip. No need to go hunting in topsy-turvy hills for a new destination. Find a new narrative for something that brings you comfort. Nostalgia attached to some places holds us close our whole lives. Instead of fighting it, we have found a way to make our memories even more beautiful. Next time you are drawn to planning an easy weekend getaway to Shimla, drive a little further to this hidden paradise!

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