These Getaways From Delhi Are Perfect For A Crazy New Year’s Eve With Friends Under 10k!

New Year's Eve
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 736

New Year’s Eve getaways from Delhi can seem like a lot of work. Everything is booked, everything is overpriced, and expectations are always too high for reality to reach. What if we told you all of this was a load of bull? You’ve just been planning wrong this whole time. We have singled out 5 getaways from Delhi in Uttarakhand for a blast on New Year’s Eve, under 10k! Go all out with your friends in the way that you like. It’s not going to burn a whole in your pockets! These Gorgeous Homestays Are The Perfect Escape From Loud Delhi Parties On New Year’s Eve

1. Rishikesh

This destination sometimes feels way too popular to actually plan vacations at. Only few know about the other side of Rishikesh. The side that doesn’t involve temples or camps. The side of organic pancakes and Israeli breakfast. Rishikesh is a bubbling bustling hub of travellers from all around the world. Hostels like Moustache, Bunk Stay and Shalom Backpackers come with spectacular views, free speech vibes and mad travellers. Take a bus from ISBT and check in at the coolest places to party with old friends and new! Plus, exciting things are happening around Rishikesh. Haridwar To Get Podcars While Rishikesh And Dehradun To Get Ropeways For Tourists

Accommodation starting from: ₹1,500

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2. Jim Corbett National Park

OYO rooms are starting from ₹1,500 at this wild New Year’s Eve destination! A bus leaves daily for ₹800. Forget splurging on things you don’t need. You’re not going to spend all your time in a room anyway. Spend on the safari. Make cocktails and bring in the new year under 10k without giving up on the little luxuries you enjoy. Do visit Corbett Falls while you’re there! Party hard and make all the noise you want instead of adhering to Delhi rules and party poopers. See the legacy behind India’s first natural sanctuary in Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett.

Accommodation starting from: ₹1,500

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3. Mukteshwar

This is the best time to visit Mukteshwar. This town is a hotspot for adventure sports like rappelling, climbing and trekking. If you’re looking to start your new year on the back of some thrilling memories, this is the place to go. It’s a night’s journey away by affordable buses. In two days, you can cover the whole town and the people are extremely welcoming. The place is packed with cultural heritage and breath-taking meadows.

Accommodation starting from: ₹1,350

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new year's eve

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4. Dhanaulti

This paradise is about 60km from Mussoorie and we’ll tell you why you want to go here instead of there. Snow! Make snow angels, take dreamy photographs and bring in the new year in white tranquillity. Dhanaulti can make you feel like your life is a movie. No noise, no disturbance, just you, a bonfire and your closest friends on New Year’s Eve. Sing at the top of your lungs or roast marsh mellows; celebrate the end of this long year the way you like it.

Accommodation starting from: ₹1,800

new year's eve

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5. Chopta

This tiny quaint town is a part of the Kerdarnath sanctuary. You can expect peace and quiet here. It’s the base point to famous treks like Tungnath and Chandrashilla at 2,680 m. Naturally, the view from above is a New Year’s Eve dream. You’ll get a panoramic 360-degree view of thee magnanimous peaks. You can pitch your own tents, start a campfire and just chill out with your friends. Isn’t that the perfect blend of peace and party? Buses are cheap so if you plan to stay for one night you can book Chopta Meadows Camps for about ₹4,000 and still wrap up in under 10k. In case you want to save your money roll for other things, pick any of the guesthouses there or in Gupta Kashi a little away from Chopta.

Accommodation starting from: ₹1,900

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Get away from the city and skip the pretentious parties and long queues. Take your best buds out of town for the same price you’d spend going out in the capital for one night. Your dream vacation in the hills is waiting for you under 10k! Stop waiting and start booking because New Year’s Eve at these prices is a steal.

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