The First Hybrid Solar Eclipse Of 2023: When, Where & Everything You Need To Know!

by Shreya Rathod
The First Hybrid Solar Eclipse Of 2023: When, Where & Everything You Need To Know!

The solar system consists of innumerable solar elements, including Sun, Earth, planets, etc. And they perform orbital revolutions in a certain way! This revolution leads to solar and lunar eclipses. And this year’s first solar eclipse is here! It happens when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, blocking the Sun from view for all or part of a small portion of Earth. Here’s everything you need about the solar eclipse 2023.

First Hybrid Solar Eclipse Of 2023!

solar eclipse 2023
Credits: Canva

On April 20, there will be the first solar eclipse of the year, known as Surya Grahan. According to Drik Panchang, this solar eclipse will be a hybrid one. The panchang further predicts that during this solar eclipse, the moon’s shadow will totally cover the sun. The totality will last for a maximum of one minute and fifteen seconds.

However, it won’t be visible in India! So, there won’t be a Sutak Kaal or an inauspicious time. Australia, the Pacific Ocean, East and South Asia, Antarctica, and the Indian Ocean will all be able to see this solar eclipse.

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What Is A Hybrid Eclipse?

hybrid solar eclipse 2023
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Depending on the observer’s position along the central eclipse path, a hybrid eclipse can seem as either a total or annular eclipse of the sun. It occurs when parts of the eclipse path cross the Moon’s umbra—the darkest region of its shadow that causes complete solar eclipses—while other portions of the path remain outside of the umbra’s range and result in an annular eclipse.

Hybrid solar eclipse is a rare phenomenon, whereas, solar eclipse occurs more than two times a year.

Since solar eclipses are a part of astrology, there are certain beliefs and rules to follow — especially for pregnant women. It is believed that pregnant women shouldn’t be exposed to solar eclipse as it can hinder the growth of the baby. However, none of these claims are proven scientifically.

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So, are you ready for the hybrid solar eclipse yet? Though, it won’t be visible in India, it is a rare phenomenon!

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