The French Staple, Baguette Receives UNESCO Cultural Heritage Status

by Sanmita A 131

Baguette is one of the French staple foods that bagged the UNESCO cultural heritage status on Wednesday. As per reports, the number of bakeries in France gradually declined. Now, the baguette has found its way into the intangible heritage list. Baguette is one of France’s staple breakfasts and is said to be produced in millions daily. Now, this food item has joined the list where other traditional identities are also included. Read on to know more.

Baguette – The French Way

With the inclusion of baguettes in the UNESCO heritage list, the French way of life will continue to live in years to come. As per reports, there are many stories doing rounds on who came up with the concept of creating this French bread. However, it is only known that the baguette derived its name in 1920, about a century ago. According to a prominent news website, leaders like Macron have claimed that the baguette is envied worldwide. And real food enthusiasts would surely agree with this too.

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Other Inclusions In The UNESCO Heritage List

In addition to baguettes, other traditional things have been added to the UNESCO heritage list. The other things have been manual bell ringing in Spain, Alheda’a, oral traditions of calling camel flocks, Knowledge and practices related to cultivating Khawlani coffee beans in Saudi Arabia and more. UNESCO shared the list of traditional things on its official Twitter account. Take a look at the series of heritage lists here –

Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash