The Future Is Here, Dubai To Get Food Delivery Robots This Year

by Yogita Chainani
The Future Is Here, Dubai To Get Food Delivery Robots This Year

UAE aims to be a futuristic country, right from having Robot cafe and flying taxis to launching food delivery robots in Dubai, the future is here in the country. Well, if you love home delivery, then very soon, your pizzas and burgers may arrive at the doorstep via a little delivery robot. Sound’s exciting right? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Food Delivery Robots Have Already Been Launched In Istanbul 

Turkish tech start-up Delivers AI has launched the first phase of takeaway delivery robots in Istanbul, and they are now planning to expand the same in Dubai. The company’s founder is UAE-based Ali Kutay Yarali and, as per him, the residents of Dubai Internet City, Dubai Mall and Jumeirah Beach Residences will be among the first to see the Delivers AI robots rolling through their streets.

If things go as planned, then the robots will be rolled out in Dubai in late 2021. Yarali also believes that robots will also help reduce traffic and cut costs for restaurants. In the testing phase in Istanbul, 10 robots have already made 500 delivers so far. In an interview with The National, Yarali said,

“The next step is to bring these successful trials in Istanbul to Dubai. By focusing on the last mile of delivery, businesses can reduce their costs as well as their carbon footprint. It is faster, cheaper and more hygienic.”

If Things Go As Planned Delivery Robots Will Hit The Streets Of Dubai In Late 2021

Well, if this becomes a reality, then won’t it be uber-cool? In terms of the robots, they have a maximum range of 3 KM and can be deployed within a 1.5km radius of their central kitchen hub. They move at a speed of 7km/h and are outfitted with sensors, on-board cameras and light detection, to safely navigate around traffic, pedestrians and obstacles.

Pic Credit: The Star

Speaking about launching this in Dubai, Yarali said:

“We have started discussions with the RTA to use similar legislation from the US that would allow these robots to be used here. Hopefully, that will happen sometime in 2021.”

We are already super pumped about this, what about you?