The Goofy Cow Burger Is Serving Blue Burgers Throughout April For Autism Awareness Month!

by Anupriya Mishra
The Goofy Cow Burger Is Serving Blue Burgers Throughout April For Autism Awareness Month!

There are a lot of stigmas that are still associated with autism. As a result, children and adults falling into the autism spectrum, often face a lot of difficulties even today. So, to raise awareness about this condition, every April is observed as Autism Awareness Month. And keeping up with the spirit, The Goofy Cow Burger is doing something special for the month. The good folks here are dishing out special blue burgers, and we are here to give you all the details about this.

The Goofy Cow Burger Launches Blue Burgers For April

Blue Burger
Pic credits: Internal

The Goofy Cow Burger has launched a campaign in their branches at CityWalk and Dubai Marina, wherein they will dole out blue burgers throughout the month of April. This campaign has been undertaken to build an understanding of autism, which is a spectrum disorder that has many different permutations. Moreover, it is estimated that this condition affects at least one in 54 children! For this campaign, they have partnered with Dubai Autism Centre and the campaign itself is called, ‘I Am Blue.’

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AED10 From The Burger Will Go To Dubai Autism Centre

However, this burger sale is not without a cause! Every AED10 earned from the ‘I Am Blue’ Burger will go to the centre so that it can expand its student capacity. Talking about the burger itself, these comprise freshly baked blue buns and 130 gram US Black Angus Patty, which is then topped with homemade date jam, Brie cheese, and zataar mayonnaise. It’s worth noting that this is a Hungarian brand, which entered the UAE market the previous year. Moreover, the brand is overseen by TV chef and culinary director, Jany Jancsa.

So, if you too wish to do your bit towards society, don’t forget to grab a blue burger from The Goofy Cow Burger and we were sure you won’t regret it

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