The Helipad Of Burj Al Arab Is Hosting An Art Exhibition That Is The Guaranteed To Amaze You!

by Deeplata Garde
The Helipad Of Burj Al Arab Is Hosting An Art Exhibition That Is The Guaranteed To Amaze You!

We are familiar with the helipad turning into eateries or a venue for high-tea. But holding an art exhibition on the helipad makes us think that sky is the limit. This grand affair collaborates with worldwide artist Sacha Jafri and art visionary Marcus Schaefer. The spot will host a unique art show on the helipad of Burj Al Arab, lasting for 5 days.

Sky-High Art Exhibition On The Helipad Of Burj Al Arab

The helipad of Burj Al Arab will be home to the display between March 23 to 27. The ‘Art Maze’ exhibition will have a formal revelation to commemorate the 50th anniversary of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The invitation-only shown will greet international celebs, business people, HNWI, art connoisseurs.

The engaging exhibition is part of the artist’s futuristic vision. This will enable learning experiences for the masses. Learn about the cultural anthropology of each Heritage Site. Dig deeper into our cultural past. Perfect execution of highly advanced Virtual and Augmented reality helps you with these experiences.

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Following its debut in Dubai, ‘The Art Maze’ will embark on a global tour. It will take it to all four corners of the globe over the following two years. The World Tour intends to conclude in the UAE and go to Abu Dhabi for its last concert. The next stop announcement will happen on the Global Tour at a press conference held in conjunction with the launch of ‘The Art of Living’.

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About The Artist

Sacha Jafri is an artist and philanthropist who has generated over $140 million for charity organisations. Also, acknowledged by the UN for his humanitarian activities. Through Education, Science, and Culture, his work attempts to reconcile society with the cultural heritage and beauty of our planet’s most protected locations. The first artwork sent to the moon was under the name of this Dubai-based artist in February. Last year, Jafri was also honoured with a Guinness World Record for his piece of art, ‘The Journey of Humanity’. It spans 17,176.6 square feet. The hammer broke at a world record price of Dhs227,757,000, and the entire sum went to charity.