The Highest Irish Pub In The World Is Located At Namche Bazaar In Nepal At 11,290 Ft

by Kanika Sharma
The Highest Irish Pub In The World Is Located At Namche Bazaar In Nepal At 11,290 Ft

There is something about an Irish pub that puts a smile on your face. Is it the spirit, the energy or the playful and carefree ambience, we’ll never know. But when you are travelling and end up finding one when it is least expected, it definitely turns out to be the highlight of your trip. Now, what if we told you that there is one located at the foot of Mt. Everest in Nepal? Can’t believe it, read on.

Picture Credit: Audley Travel

The Irish Pub Is Located At The Foothills Of Mt Everest

Not many of us include an Irish pub on our to-do list when we plan to go to a village that is located at the foot of the highest scalable mountain in the world. But if you are planning to visit it now, then you might as well add it to your list.

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The Irish Pub, located in Namche Bazaar in Nepal, is probably the highest Irish pub in the world. This village is located at the foothills of Mt. Everest. The fact that it is located at 11,290 ft isn’t the only interesting about it. There is more. It is probably the only Irish pub in the world that also serves yak meat! Yep, you read that right.

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How Can You Reach There?

To have a drink at the highest Irish pub in the world, you’ll have to make quite a lot of effort. It’s not going to come easy. After you reach Kathmandu, the capital for Nepal, you need to take a flight to Lukla, which is located in Khumbu. One of the most scary things about this particular airport is that if the pilot is not well trained, there is a risk of the plane going off the cliff. Only small aircrafts fly to this place, as the runway is not too long either. We are not trying to scare you, just stating facts.

Picture Credit: Altitude Himalaya

After landing at Lukla, there is a two-day long trek that you need to take to reach the Sherpa Town’s Namche Bazaar. Because of the high altitude, and terrain you can only trek for 5-6 hours in a day, and it would be advised to not push that further.

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Enter and you’ll have the chance to sip on boxed wine, bottled Guinness and some really nice selection of imported spirits. The stock reaches here on mules and yak. So a lot of effort goes into giving you this experience, so make sure that you make the most of it with every sip taken.