The Iconic Eiffel Tower REOPENS Finally After 6-Day Staff Strike

After a closure of 6 days, the Eiffel Tower in Paris has been reopened on Sunday.

by Shreya Ghosh
The Iconic Eiffel Tower REOPENS Finally After 6-Day Staff Strike

Paris; the enchanting City of Love! This scenic city is on the travel bucket list of most globetrotters and why won’t it be? From being rich in history and heritage to being home to delectable cuisine, this city offers a lot to explore and experience. When we think about Paris, the first dreamy thing we imagine is the heavenly Eiffel Tower. Shockingly, the historic landmark was closed for 6 days.

The Eiffel Tower Is Now OPEN!

Eiffel Tower
Picture credit- Canva

If you have scrolled through social media in the past week, you might have been surprised to read the news of the Eiffel Tower’s closure just like everyone else. No one can even imagine exploring this French city without witnessing the grandeur of this iconic landmark. Unfortunately, it was closed for 6 days for tourists and visitors. After the 6-day-long closure, the monument has been reopened on Sunday.

The staff and employees’ strike led to the 6-day closure of the Eiffel Tower. The primary reasons behind the strike were financial issues and the staff asking for improving the maintenance facilities of the monument, according to a report by Hindustan Times. They demanded an increase in the salaries as well. A hefty investment of 380 million euros by 2031 has been promised for revamping purposes. The operator of the Eiffel Tower stated an agreement with the unions of the staff. Also, the hike in salary is likely to be settled soon, in about a month.

Shockingly this closure was not the first time when the Eiffel Tower in Paris was completely closed to visitors. Back in 2023, a similar closure occurred and it continued for 10 days. The reason for the closure was to protest against the government and its steps for the pension facility of France. The protests were major ones and these took place in different parts of the nation.

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Sadly, The Landmark Is Rusting

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Pierre Jacky (@pierre_arts) shared pictures of the monument rusting.

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly one of the most renowned historical monuments globally. Massive numbers of visitors from different parts of the world fly to Paris every year and one of the prominent mentions in most visitors’ itineraries is this splendid landmark. Unfortunately, people are noticing rust in some places of the 330 metre tower.

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Have you visited the Eiffel Tower yet?

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