The Internet Is Utterly Confused With Twitter User’s “Soul Food” And We Are Unsure What It Is Too

by Shreya Rathod
The Internet Is Utterly Confused With Twitter User’s “Soul Food” And We Are Unsure What It Is Too

No matter what our mood is, comfort food fixes everything. But when we think of comfort food or soul food, the dishes that come to our mind are rajma chawal, khichdi, paratha, mac & cheese or Maggi! But this Twitter user’s idea of comfort food is making people scratch their heads. Take a look at what he has posted as ‘the real soul food’.

Twitter User’s Idea Of Soul Food

An American musician-rapper Ceosonson tweeted a picture on Twitter stating that it is the real soul food. Now for many of us, something that comforts our soul and is easy to digest and tasty is what we call soul food. However, this image has left many thinking if it is really food or what. The tweet has got more than ten million views. It shows a baking tray filled with carrots, potatoes, meats and other ingredients. You can’t figure out if the dish is cooked and seasoned or not. But here’s what Netizens have to say about this dish — or should we call it a dish?

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Netizens React To This ‘Soul Food’

The Netizens are left astounded by this culinary creation. Moreover, John Henry Smith, a public host, has called this dish revolting and questioned if it should even be considered to be soul food. Another user wrote that he can’t figure out what he is even looking at. There was a reply by Sunny Anderson stating that she thinks she saw something looking like a potato!

But James Harkness posted this meme in response to the soul food.

A person wrote: “must have eaten the creature’s soul before snapping the pic!” It looked like some weird soul food that would upset your stomach and people weren’t happy about that. Others have absolutely no idea what this dish is and why would you even want to try eating it? And for one of them, it looked like an alien crashed into a heap of garbage.

Our elders always said ‘respect your food’ — which we totally do! But, this mix of meat and vegetables (what I suppose it looks like) is something that no one would like to watch — forget eating it.

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Anyway, tell us what you thought of this ‘soul food’. And don’t forget to comment about your idea of comfort food.

Cover Image Courtesy: @ceosonson/ Twitter