Twitter User Shares Mirchi Chai & Tweeple Are Serving Memes And Jokes Along With It

by Sanjana Shenoy
Twitter User Shares Mirchi Chai & Tweeple Are Serving Memes And Jokes Along With It

At a time when a new food trend crops up every minute, the Internet never runs out of things to discuss. While some food trends seriously go on to become the new street food speciality (fortunately or unfortunately), others are just contained within the four walls of our homes. And thank god for that! Here’s a Mirchi Chai recipe going viral on social media for all hilarious reasons.

Mirchi Chai Brews Intrigue On The Internet

Twitter user Bhaavna Arora (aka @BhaavnaArora) took to the microblogging site to share a Mirchi Chai video. The video shows a large vessel of hot milk filled with dried red chillies. She strains the milk with a light brownish hue and pours it into a cup. It looks just like chai but it’s actually Mirchi Chai! Have to give it to her! In her caption, Bhaavna mentions that this Mirchi Chai is to serve all aunties who visit your place and ask you to get married.

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Twitteratis Flood Comments Section With Memes & Jokes

In no time the video of her Mirchi Chai went viral on Twitter. It garnered over 215.1k views, 110 re-tweets and 996 likes. The comments section buzzed with memes, jokes and opinions. Check some of them out.

1. This hilarious GIF certainly shows the after-effects of drinking the spiciest chai!


2. Mr Bubble has a full-proof plan to drive away gossipy aunties! A dollop of jamaalghota in an already fiery Mirchi Chai!

3. Why should just aunties have all the fun? Rope in the uncles too!

4. No Masala Chai, just opt for Chilli Chai instead!

5. That’s a great question!

6. Taste is in the taste buds of the taster!

7. The video looks pretty self-explanatory!

Well, we certainly can’t digest this chilli chai. We wonder if you’d be interested to take the trouble to serve Mirchi Chai to your worst enemies. Quite the revenge drink we must say, isn’t it?

Cover Image Courtesy: @BhaavnaArora/ Twitter and Canva