The UAE To Adjust Expo 2020 Preparations Due To Covid 19

by Angel Merchant
The UAE To Adjust Expo 2020 Preparations Due To Covid 19

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The United Arab Emirates have been preparing for Expo 2020 years before hand. Now however, with the Corona virus on the lose, many people around the world are wondering whether the expo will take place or not. The event is set to take place in October 2020. However, many are worried about the upcoming event and whether or not it will unfold, due to the scare of the Corona virus.

The UAE have stated that they will be ‘adjusting’ the preparations for the Expo 2020. Whether that involves a delay, cancellation of certain sections, we are not sure. The event will be taking place, however, it will slightly be adjusted. Expo 2020 has been closely monitoring developments in the ongoing issue of the virus. Keeping this in mind, they are taking all the appropriate precautions to mitigate any risks for the people involved.

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Expo 2020 Dubai is closely monitoring ongoing developments and taking all sensible precautions to manage and mitigate the risk to everyone involved in the Expo. The health and well-being of everyone involved in #Expo2020 and everyone living in and visiting the UAE is our top priority and will not be compromised. For more information, click the link in bio. يراقب #إكسبو2020 دبي التطورات الجارية عن كثب، ويتخذ حزمة من الاحتياطات اللازمة للحد من خطورة الإصابة بالفيروس بين جميع المعنيين بإكسبو في ضوء استعدادنا لهذا الحدث الدولي. فإن صحة ورفاهية كل مواطن ومقيم وزائر في الدولة في مقدمة أولوياتنا ولن يستهان بهما. للمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى زيارة الرابط في حسابنا

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More about Expo 2020

Dubai boasts a highly diversified economy, and is in full swing to introduce the 6 month long Expo event. They will be reassessing all the planning and preparations due to the changing circumstances. However, the nature of the potential changes to the expo are not clarified.

The Expo 2020 team has put together an online committee of members from around  the world, whose country’s are taking part in the event. The team came together virtually, to discuss the impact Covid 19 will have on the Expo. The secretary general of the BIE, Dimitri Kerkentzes, welcomed and commended Dubai’s initiative. He mentioned the importance of all the 192 countries taking part, and involving themselves in helping the Expo 2020 continue safely.

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What Else?

The ministry of interior has released statements, stressing the importance of staying at home. A joint statement by both the ministry of interior, and the National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, urges all residents to remain within their homes, unless an emergency arises. There should be a strict limitation on social contact, and going to crowded areas. The public is also asked to use their own family cars if they are to go out, with a limitation of only 3 individuals per vehicle. If family gathering are necessary, they should be limited to a small number only. All of these measures are being strongly suggested, in order to preserve the safety and well being of individuals within the country.

Citizens are strictly asked not to visit any hospitals unless an emergency calls for it. And even then, masks must be used for protection.

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